20 Must-Own Nintendo Switch Games 1 Year Later

It’s officially passed a year since the Switch’s initial release,
Now It’s time to count down it’s most outstanding titles.

What are your Top 20 Switch Games?

What did you think of the list, anything you would change?



  1. waterloop12

    What is No.8? No letter on screen, hard to listen and recognize a name when you don't know about it.

  2. bboyvlade

    Wheres L.A. Noire?

  3. paquet90

    Sooo 75% of the games you can get on a other console… Doesn't really make me wanna buy a switch right now.

  4. Chicken Perm

    own 23 switch games and #11 startdew valley was first one on list that I own. Then just Doom, Mario Kart, Splatoon 2, Odyssey, n BOTW from this list. Such a generic awful list in this video sorry bub get some originality.

  5. RoshanGamer


  6. Baby T Rex

    9:28 GTA: Mario Adventure

  7. Boss Snake

    OMG! Zelda is number one on this guys list. Big fucking surprise. I would love to see someone actually post a top 10 or 20 where BOTW isn't on their fucking list. Just once. BOTW was mediocre at best. It was extremely repetitive with a dull story and a lack luster gameplay with the weapon durability system. There was nothing fun about BOTW. Someone, please, (who isn't drinking the Koolaid from Nintendo) make a proper top games on the Switch list.

  8. godxxofxxwar22

    Bruh half of the games on here are better off on the other consoles they originally came out on!

    And Bayonette (spelling is off I know) 1 and 2 are one game on the switch?!? Why put them as two of the numbers?

  9. Rawr5649

    Lol @ libary

  10. Jordan Rhodes

    Sonic Mania Plus and LA Noire

  11. NESW

    Fire Emblem Warriors should be on this list

  12. futureartist9

    the sonic joke got me.

  13. JCSMAN

    I did not think super Mario odyssey was that fun it was to easy. But I’m sure that’s just me.

  14. Remco de Jong

    Are you sure these are your favorite games? You seem extremely uninterested in talking about them.

  15. anthony reynoza

    I need try Stardew Valley it honestly doesn’t look interesting at all to me but I always hear great things

  16. Jack Frost

    Love my Switch! Although I waited and got Doom on the PS4 Pro for $15. Sure beats $60.

  17. Jabberjay Mellark

    Am I the only person who thinks that Odyssey is just ok?

  18. CadenLisa

    How is MK8dx #5 ? smh Here's why I think that, for the battle. Bomb bomb blast is now just glorified modern point styled balloon battle. It also doesn't help it that bomb-ombs don't explode on impact like in other games. Shine Thief is fine, except the automatic 5 minute time limit. Renegade Roundup is insanely unbalanced if you play against robbers with any level of intelligence, but a good mode on paper. Coin runners is mediocre for the same reason as it is in mkwii, it's just not fun, but at least it's not luck based, but in this shitty game, it's luck based because if you get hit you lose HALF of your coins, so again, not fun. People like to think that balloon battle is classic, but ever since mkwii, they've changed it for the worse, rather then the classic last man standing, it's a points system. With a time limit, which I despise. So yes everyone, MK8DX battle mode, Is as shitty as it's racing mode. The racing is bad because the item distribution is wack making frontrunning, sand bagging, and lots of boring races to play and watch

  19. SilentKiLrr23

    Lmaooooo, he said sonic forces 🤣🤣

  20. V IE

    Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battles and Dragon Quest Builder…

    honorable mentions would be Battle Chef Brigade and Immortal Redneck (Indie)

  21. Julian

    This looks more like a "20 games I have enjoyed after one year of switch" rather than "20 must-own switch games 1 year later". I kinda feel ripped off here.

  22. Dream Eagle

    Xenoblade 2 is the best single-player game on switch and best DLC ever made (sorry, witcher)
    Btw, Xenoblade 2 have the best Soundtrack in modern game industry. Not only good, but also 124 tracks. Just crazy.

    And also the best Xenogame since first episode of Xenosaga.

    1 – Xenoblade 2
    2 – Xenoblade 2 – Torna, the Golden Country
    3 – Splatoon 2
    4 – MarioRabbids
    5 – Mario Odyssey
    6 – Octopath

  23. David Vega


  24. David Vega

    please don't say #1 Zelda

  25. David Vega

    people, arms is horrible please don't waste your time and money!

  26. 2errible 2some

    I bought my switch and played it twice great console but set up a new pc as well so I never went back to it. It has Mario zelda and Mario cart with the zelda controller any interested message me. Worth 500 selling for 300 with everything vertually brand new

  27. TheCudiKid

    .sdrawkcab soediv eht era yhw

  28. Tetsu - Tetsu - Tetsu

    Okay so when I get the switch my first game is gonna be Zelda but I am confused about my second game… Doom or splatoon or arms. I’ve played doom before

  29. alejandro Velasquez

    Great review I just bought a switch

  30. Nick The Mage

    Take a shot everytime he says "switch" lol just messing around. Good list!

  31. Lennon Pender

    What? Outlast 2 is actually trash

  32. Humphrey Cassel

    lol Splatoon 2 is great but most acclaimed multiplayer franchise on any platform? That's a bit of an overstatement.

  33. Mich 43l

    I dont know why but when i got Xenoblade Chronicles 2 two days ago i didnt knew if I was going to like it.
    Know its my number one (after only 4,5 hours of playing it)

    Ist amazing af

  34. Craig Avery

    God I love the switch but it has some dog shit games lol

  35. simboslayer

    There is a little known indie game called "Owlboy" that came out on the switch in 2018. It would definetly be in my top 5, as i have fallen in love with this cute and heartfelt indie title

  36. Relyks

    I would include Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. I think it came out after this video did though.

  37. Jason Lionheart

    missed disgaea 5 😀

  38. Luis Borgia

    I'm huge horror games fan, and I have a Ps4. What horror games options the Switch have? Should I buy the Nintendo Switch?

  39. Zoomin


  40. AsianDoll Milano

    My 9 yr old is finally getting a Nintendo switch! And also the kid in me hehehe..anyway great list, I seriously made mental notes which games to get him and even though (for myself) I wanna see how beautiful Breath of the Wild is, knowing how expensive games are, my best bet to buy first for him is the Mario Odyssey. Maybe also Overcooked just for the multiplayer part, looks like a lot of fun. Thanks for d vid!

  41. Legobrainproductions

    I’m getting the switch after two days and I’m not sure what games to choose

  42. Tyler Collins

    Dude I swear when you said Sonic Forces I was about to leave!

  43. Shawn Anty

    I cant wait 4 super smash bros to come out on the switch aside from Zelda that was one of the reasons i got 1

  44. AnAngryLink

    People probably bought breath of the wild so they can legally emulate it

  45. Sydney

    Splatoon2 is my fav game bruh!

  46. Gutter HAK

    i got skrim but to tell the truth i really didn't like playing it with a console. Dark souls will be better i hope.

  47. Sophia Niemiec


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