Mii Channel but Nintendo Labo — Making Mii Music on the Labo Piano

The Nintendo Labo Piano Toy-Con is very versatile, so why not use it to recreate a masterpiece?

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  1. TheDiamondBladeHD

    Original idea, but SethEverman performed better.

  2. christopher burke

    Kinda reminds me of David Spade

  3. Charlotte Harper


  4. Luisoky


  5. Christian perez

    labo o wii musoc?

  6. gordian12

    that is a horrible bossa rhythm brian. shame on you.

  7. Matthew Lee

    What just happened?

  8. Macey Schriefer


  9. A I

    Our boooooi

  10. candice tobin

    this is my favorite video in the entire world.

  11. Lightridge

    I'm not gay, but that smile is making me very insecure about my sexuality.

  12. Daubeny

    * doo * Intensifies

  13. ShinyRD

    Hi, may I plaese have the EXS file for the vibration sample.

    Thank you

  14. Sara Rebeca Archila de León

    Ese es el Mii de mi hermano 😃, (el Mii de la portada del video) 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

  15. Kyro


  16. Death Man

    the only time im giving polygon a like

  17. Taccos101 1

    You finished making it at 1:04 am and I’m watching this at 1:04 am…..

  18. SonOfaChipwich

    It sure don't make a pleasant sound, huh?

  19. Ruben Alexander

    hard cut to me, as I try to work out why I have such an enormous crush on BDG

  20. Justin Smith

    Brian made it on the /r/youtubehaiku Top Posts playlist again, this is a fun journey

  21. Phántøm ReaPeR

    The vibration part of song is best !!! LOL XD 😂😂😂

  22. Randomness 2018

    This is what i want

  23. YourAverageLink

    A bit off key at some parts, but OK

  24. Joel Jessup

    Polygon, it seems to me, was right to hire BDG

  25. tremendor gigatron 1 zillion

    Cat Piano VS Labo VS $1 Piano

  26. Tomohito


  27. Lucian Baker


  28. Sh4d0w0verdr1ve

    instantly subbed!
    quality content

  29. Glitchdweller

    how can i make the files for the custom joycon vibrations?

  30. Ana

    My favorite part is when it goes dun dun dun

  31. Ana

    Lol this is going to become a meme XD

  32. ToastAvalanche808

    heavy breathing

  33. Thomas Singer

    This is what society has lead up to

  34. Milan Van Vossen


  35. Andrew Perry

    If I had the labo, this would be the first thing I would do. Make memes

  36. Gleppy Gloop

    we’ve come full circle

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