THE ELDER SCROLLS Online All Cinematic Trailers Movie 2018 Edition PS4/Xbox One/PC


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00:00 – The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset – Official Cinematic Trailer
03:37 – The Elder Scrolls Online – The Alliances Cinematic Trailer
08:48 – The Elder Scrolls Online – The Siege Cinematic Trailer
13:33 – The Elder Scrolls Online – The Arrival Cinematic Trailer
21:13 – The Elder Scrolls Online – The Confrontation Cinematic Trailer
27:53 – The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind Announcement Trailer



  1. Missy Jo

    I'm in love with Bethesda!!!!!! They make the best games!!!

  2. Hazim Endzeit

    That rogue is a really cool character

  3. Alex Anthony

    Why doesn't the nord pause the fight and eat all his food?

  4. matthew jones

    okay, so some of you people bitching that it's in the wrong order, need to shut up. take a moment and think. the sommerset iles takes place before cyrodil, makes sense because after saving sommerset, you'd go fight in cyrodil. not the other way round. it's in story order.


    always makes a good watch

  6. Silvar

    Teldisvar? is that her name?
    Clavicus and Barbas
    Cinematic: ''I am the herald of death who stalks with the hound''
    Game: ''wot m8!? no deal? you're no fun, what a bummer, well… time to go, com'here you mutt!''

  7. Goat18 666

    A movie should be made.

  8. ᴅɪᴢᴢɪ

    Cinematic combat vs Actual Game combat.


  9. Layla Aaron

    This isnt the original cinematic net time please put it in order Good Luck in th future i couldnt watch it all the way through.

  10. treymtz

    I really hope elves look like this in TES6

  11. Annika Nystrom

    Nords go on and on about how 'honorable' they are… What this Nord did was in no way honorable. Give the Breton a quick clean death, you coward!

  12. mikijasko

    0:00 Was that the Voice actor of EZZIO AUDITORE??? :3

  13. стас афанасьев

    почему ну почуме не делают фильмы только с такой графикой

  14. remi cormier

    And none of the Armor or weapons in these are in game. Instead we get lame j pegs

  15. Silverback Wolf

    Very impressive 🙂

  16. Jamie S

    I wish ESO was good, but I just cant enjoy it for lots of reasons.

  17. Nam Cao

    what his name who is dead??

  18. khurram munir

    I like the Viking dude

  19. Jacob Rainey

    I don’t think the rogue died, to me it looked like he was being cleansed of the evil

  20. FlyBorn

    Absolutely broken the order of trailers

  21. Alexander's Video Picks


  22. Mellow MarshMellow

    Hmm guess the Orcs didnt get the filming schedule.

  23. Patrick Mellson

    Awesome as fuck they do such a badass job

  24. ThisTuna Games

    Im still waiting for a goddamn movie

  25. Zyl'Aaeria

    We need an Elder Scrolls movie done in this style. Warcraft got one, why not Elder Scrolls. It's got more than enough lore for one.

  26. fairy lami

    this game is so cool <3 thx for you video i play this game Do not hesitate to come and tell me what you think about it to improve myself

  27. Galimeer5

    These are very out of order

  28. Marco Golin

    I can smell LOTR in the air, and I like it!

  29. Alex Fursov

    just noticed that they have stolen music from Pirates of the Caribbean (from 3:12 very obvious). awesome trailer though

  30. Youngster Joey

    0:42 no one believed me i told you loki is alive

  31. Arch Stanton

    OMG I'm in love with an elf chick

  32. Beetle Rat

    24:38 does anyone knows the name of the song?

  33. John Ell

    Any Skyrim fans out there check it, 0:43, Clavicus Vile Daedric prince of Mischief and his Dog Barbas!!!

  34. Pro Adz

    Clavicus Vile …I see u

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