VIGOR! – A GOOD Console Survival Game! – Base Building & PVP! (Vigor Xbox One X Gameplay Part 1)

Welcome to VIGOR! Vigor is a Xbox One survival game that has PVP, building and more. It barrows a lot of aspects from DayZ and escape from tarkov and does them well!

Check out the game here:

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  1. shadowfang 41

    Is trying to sleep and sees a new partiallyroyal vid


  2. Thomas Power

    Didn't like this game at all, that whole radiation storm bullshit killed it dead for me, just another hack job like pubg with their timers and bullshit zones and forced encounters but with bits of escape from torkav and fortshite thrown in too 😂 its like the butchers apron (union jack) bits of everybodys stuff on there. But overall it was pretty weak and maps were way too short before that radiation storm bullshit forces you to leave, a swerve from me battle royale is shit

  3. Onafoolserrand

    Graphics are nice & that guy towards the end learned a valuable lesson in taking cover.

  4. Bo Olofsson

    This game is based in Sweden and "Fisk factory" means fish factory

  5. PickleJuice

    Is this multiplayer

  6. delijafromdownunder

    So this is where dayz money went into

  7. Christopher Keller

    Hey royal ive been here since before you hit 100k i just want to let you know your an amazing person and youve gotten me threw countless moments in my life i hope you keep up the great work cause your doimg great man my love goes out to you and your work

  8. BrianD Videos

    Fuck Royal you're god damn merch!!! A must cop! Going to order 2 hoodies because they're so incredibly cheap, and maybe a white tee but PHEWIE that logo on a white hoodie ! ! <3_<3

  9. Lazar Dobosi

    Greetings from slovakia

  10. Gargl Thunder

    Your house reminds me of Fight Club. Can I see your cellar? :p

  11. Dorrian White

    I guess I’d play. Seems a little boring tho. Only 12 ppl for pvp? And I hope they add a pve element like “fear the wolves”

  12. theevil santa

    You know what else can improve this game?dinosaurs and zombies😂

  13. All Hail Gollem

    You took to long on that flank in the tunnel, people on Xbox are not as smart or patient as PC players

  14. TemplarsDesign

    Escape from Tarkov/Scum/Fortnite

  15. TemplarsDesign

    Boys, it was first battle royale, now it's survival..

  16. Max Karun

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    May the power be with you!

  17. Christopher Yuen

    Wonder if there'll be a pc version

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  19. Deepak DD

    The first building had a gun boxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  20. Russell Wallis

    You absolutely suck at looting😂

  21. BlindAF #FuckYouTube

    Suomi KP/-31 is OP IRL

  22. Jack Z

    It is far from good

  23. MugsyIsABoss

    I wonder if i made it into this video

  24. Will Senechal

    A small series on this would be cool. The base building seems interesting

  25. Gregory Domm

    U suck at exploring!!!!!!!

  26. TheKingDagon108

    omg ANOTHER SURVIVAL GAME!! This is literally the 4th one this year, how many more are there!

  27. kenny taylor

    You can loot cars and drewers

  28. ZIZZI

    What $20 game on consult that not a 2D piece of s***?

  29. Hogan Riggers

    More pleeeeease

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