FAR CRY 5 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 3 [1080p HD Xbox One X] – No Commentary

FAR CRY 5 Walkthrough Part 1 and until the last part will include the full FAR CRY 5 Gameplay on Xbox One X. This FAR CRY 5 Gameplay is recorded in 1080p HD on the Xbox One X and will include the full Campaign.


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  1. darth rias gremory

    I like how they show good and bad conservatives rather than be like deliverence where conservatives bare shown as psychopaths.

  2. Woody166778

    Hairy labia

  3. Aidan McFarlane

    I love the thumbnail of this video. Boomer with gun

  4. Pavitar Goyat

    How to unlock Extract file for Far Cry 5


    i would have gotten the 45/70 lever action my self…

  6. John Moo

    👍(- 3 -) noice vid MK. I like your style

  7. JRPGFan20000

    This game is boring.

  8. Panzer Meyer

    Are this xbox one x version have a render mode (higher resolution or detailed graphic) like a ps4 pro? Thanks.

  9. Gabriel Matheus

    The episode where you free my waifu

  10. EmporerAaron

    Got to be honest, wasn't planning to get Far Cry 5 for a while. Now its on the top of my list to get XD.

  11. Mark Hyde

    Why do I get the feeling Dutch has more to do with Seeds than we realise…..

  12. 1231Skyguy

    Why would you head north when you're not done with Holland Valley?

  13. KashHelvetica

    No one can beat Vas as a villian

  14. DeDs

    Man,look this FOV…Barely seeing the gun…thnks for make this gameplay

  15. CherryZone

    Well, the game does seem pretty fun, and your recruits are mostly OK AI-wise (except when in previous episode Susie Stout ran over a hostage before MK could unbind him). However, lack of minor animations (such as alarm disabling, no visible looting, hammer not pulled back when reloading, killed animals skinning and so on) kinda takes away from the immersion.

  16. Jackie Logan

    who keeps a gun in a Bible

  17. Rodrigo Blanco

    Man, customize your stuff, the default rifle iron sight looks really bad to me.
    Appart from that, this doesn't feel like Far Cry 3 in another place, so that gives the game points, plus de excellent grapic quality, it will probably enter my steam library

  18. Reprise

    Is this the first game you've ever played?

  19. Aszura

    you can have an puma as partner?14.21

  20. Strong Style JEEZUS

    Maybe a reach but imo this game is close to being just as good as FC3

  21. Shannon Odum

    My new favorite gaming channel!!!! I feel like I’m watching a great action film!!! Keep em’ coming!! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  22. karim Mohamed

    love this channel

  23. Abrar Hassan


  24. Nicholas Drozd

    Cinematic cut scenes used to be better imo

  25. TheSauerkraut

    This game actually looks so boring

  26. Lilith Sahai

    thnx bro, hope you are doing well.

  27. 21spanah

    this game looks the fucking same

  28. RayThaGod

    Aye man I just wanted to say I been watching since u did Borderlands 2 and that I love ur videos and u only keep getting better

  29. 1411 Chanel


  30. Sir David

    Well Played.

  31. A Pauley

    Thank you mk

  32. Sherry Thomas

    Enjoy the game with someone who makes better decisions. But it is a good game. Oh and by the way, I'm ex military so I get a little excited some time

  33. Kb100 Hawks

    Is the guy at the start you

  34. Dan Conti

    That challenger with the 50 cal though. That’s gonna be sweet when my bud and I get my hands on that beautiful baby.

  35. donald fishel

    Damn preacher. Nice shot lol

  36. nobody survives even one bit

    loving this game

  37. Gage Richardson

    How are people playing early

  38. hehe hoshina


  39. zarth4

    This game is pretty good I think when the price goes down i'll purchase it.

  40. Ismael Camacho

    Yo, keep up the good work

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