Goosebumps The Game All Deaths Cutscenes | Game Over | Fails (PS4, XB1, PC)

Goosebumps game all deaths by monsters, bosses, items etc

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Goosebumps The Game All Deaths Cutscenes | Game Over | Fails (PS4, XB1, PC)




  1. killeing

    FINALLY! I've been waiting forever for someone to do this ^o^!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Super Awesome Ashy

    0:14 Plant Creature

    2:13 Purple Poison

    2:58 Annihilator 3000

    3:30 Saliva

    4:13 Monster Blood

    5:05 Evil Twin

    5:37 Beast From The East

    6:00 Falling Down

    6:40 Officer Murphy

    6:59 Lawn Gnomes

    7:23 Cronby

    7:43 Taffy

    8:08 Mannequins

    9:39 Haunted Mask

    10:58 Slappy

  3. Shiroana


  4. Crystal Manuel

    (screams in horror)

  5. Muhammet BAKİ AŞIK


  6. nick SpongeBobpersonal

    Can someone tell me all the goosebumps books/tv show refences from this

  7. legend of games pedro


  8. legend of games pedro


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