High Kill Tilted Towers Solo Game (PS4 Pro) Fortnite Gameplay


  1. Tyler Zamm

    Notification Squad

  2. GamingWit Ken

    You are better than my other YouTubers that I saw play fornite

  3. Eric Vlahos

    Heaps good

  4. Ilija Kujundzic

    Little lag

  5. Hugh Janus

    high kill no recoil fucking bullshit

  6. Jeremiah Dorsey

    I want to play with u on PlayStation my gamertag is: R3TR0_G4M3R-jere

  7. Marcone Oliveira

    I hate you


    The good ol days when shotguns weren’t nerfed

  9. jacob gameing 103416 ortiz

    Can u add me

  10. Rustufied _

    I miss these days πŸ˜’πŸ˜‚

  11. WaveGodX X

    Dude that was epic! we should do some duos sometime my guy I have 150+ wins loved the play style hit me with your gamertag

  12. FrozenObstacle


    What do you use to record your fortnite screen and your face? If you can answer me, thank you so much πŸ™‚

  13. Humza Mohammed

    You look like Sean astin take that as a compliment

  14. Ghaith Abuomar

    Have you heard of noizy he switched to builder pro but see his standard videos

  15. YaBoi Rey

    This dude better than ninja

  16. AJOA SHAWN 71

    i,m your fan add on frends plz

  17. Sam M

    Anybody know how to get like a gun or something like that to have that ground glow I have a pro but it doesn’t show like his
    And when I got on save the world it had that ground glow but on Battle Royale there’s no ground glow somebody pls help me w this

  18. Mohamed Robinson

    My man is cold I subbed

  19. Alcatraz MMXCIX

    There lights glowing under the wepon I think they removed that for the ps4 pro

  20. Almighty 24k

    Sub to my channel for fornite vids

  21. Bill A.M.G

    My uncle that I met a week ago is giving me a ps4

  22. itslit aye

    r u on buliders pro or combat ??

  23. The True Weirdos

    This was back when the pump actually worked… πŸ˜‚


    I could rape this mans booty cheeks in a shotgun build battle

  25. RexGuuin Games

    Tu eres un Gran PRO!

  26. Gaming Central

    why did he keep a blue burst and a scar?????

  27. Billy Foley

    He looks like Clark sent xD

  28. Nalo Cripp


  29. Andrew Sanchez

    What if all these fortnite you tubers actually suck but the game owners are allowing them to win, is that even possible cuz I feel like it is

  30. Yellow Monkey

    5:06 this is what i would of done

    Jump off and shoot him

    Quickly build a platform so i dont take fall damage cause i will land right next to him

    Edit under me

    QUickly shoot him

    "If he is still alive" Then just spray him

  31. Axl Petre

    Your good idk why you don’t have more subs

  32. Rtep PWR

    I luv it//i live it

  33. Ramon

    what do you put your sensitivity on

  34. Jay Swish

    It hurt to see dusty depot.. #RIP


    Your modifying your controller bro🀣

  36. Sky Bear

    Please add me on ps4 @prince_x_maihem let's play fortnite

  37. Dhevan Sivapatham

    16:17– legend

    How do you build so quickly?

  38. Fivos mpele

    COOL GAME MANπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜

  39. Shanks

    how can you accurately aim with game pad ?

  40. FadedGamingHD

    This is like Solid Legendary Mode if there was one.

  41. FadedGamingHD

    He looks so focused. Period.

  42. Daniel

    Why is he on standerd

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