NEW Boxing Game For PC and PS4!!! PROJECT BOXING


  1. Monkey2tv

    whens this shit coming out my nigga

  2. Joshua Hernandez

    Fight Night Championship was garbage to me. FNR4 was nice.

  3. CJ Spartacus Scanlan

    yeah improve career mode and put all world champions from 2005 boooooooooooooooom!!!!!!

  4. ChillzGaming FTW

    Its is also going to be on Android, i have asked Epilith and he said yes

  5. Steven Rose

    How can we donate?

  6. C F

    All boxing fans need to stop buying UFC games. If UFC games sales are good then EA will never go back to boxing.

  7. secretdeath

    Just bought fight night champions for ps3 I suck at the game it's nothing like fight night round 3 I can't even make it pass the story mode

  8. Jesse Mersier

    Sounds like what Fight Night 3 was shaping up to be. Definitely sounds fun. Perhaps this will get a bigger developer involved to help him polish it up. Can't wait to see it

  9. Erik Lopez


  10. Erik Lopez

    What's is the song called

  11. chaza 160800

    What about Xbox one

  12. Hurricane Moon

    this has been around for years has it not?…never will see the light of day….

  13. Stickii

    There was a game called boxers road 2 on psp. The boxing mechanics on that was excellent. Actually my favourite boxing game ever!

  14. oooBOXING WORLDooo

    Project boxing

  15. Real american Fan

    I support it definitely Will play it on my phone, it's just Fight Night Champion was just too good, I was in high school when I game came out and I'm still playing it

  16. Husky boy

    This looks good so far ea better hurry up befor we don't need them no more

  17. Mike Cotto

    tight boxing fans need something since fight night stalling

  18. TMONEY official

    This. Could be,good

  19. DoinLifeProductions

    After seeing the Mike Tyson virtual joint I'm not feeling it, but I'd give it a try if it does come out.

  20. Shyneblue23

    With foot speed…. I think the boxer should be able to move at a normal speed but when coming into range it should be a more position base speed so some fighters can move with the jab not like a run mode but more of a jab an more out of position an it should but a way so a boxer just can run round the ring like a cat an mouse chase…..I have more ideas but it so many tho

  21. Saladin Gucman

    Well done with the game !

  22. Black Man

    It doesn’t look bad, however they way boxers approached it other looked wacky. The punching looks pretty damn good

  23. argearer

    This looks very impressive! From what i see here it's more like boxing than Fight Night. If you played FN a lot then you know what i mean. This makes you want to review it again and again. I really like the way they move not to mention the punches themselves. It reminded me of 3D Boxing and Best Of The Best…. It's amazing that there's actually someone who understands the mechanics and how it should look like in video game!

  24. ZMM

    fight night champion is almost perfect just needs feints and a better roster

  25. Golden chuy123 Garcia

    No xbox one

  26. Pinky Izthebrain

    I'm sorry but it looks like complete shit. It HAS to be next gen graphics. Period, end of!

  27. gametime x3

    So it's like five star wrestling but for boxing?

  28. Mitch Mustang Sr.

    Let's find out how to donate and help him out

  29. The Journeyman

    Just wanted to correct my earlier comment. I just spoke with the developer. This is active project that he is passionate about.

  30. Victor Munoz

    we.need something , all they gotta do is make fnc backward they put dumbass games backward

  31. Dez Kong

    Come get this work Bizz!!!!#Quit#Dukin

  32. Prince Jordan

    Aye! Thanks for the shout out!

  33. BlackMystic 31

    No veiws but 36 likes and 11 comments. Ok YouTube

  34. vGODLYv 3D

    You should join em with your boxing online idea

  35. Epilith

    Great video man! You made a few good points such as the foot speed issue which I'll definitely look into. I appreciate that you took into consideration that it's still heavily in development too. Thanks for covering the game!

  36. KiLaM DaPro

    at this point anything is better than nothing , sounds interesting for sure . dope vid yo!

  37. Spork

    ayy u made a vid on it thanks for bringing it to light

  38. Musana Benjamin

    number 2

  39. farmer with a shotgun

    Bout time ps4 give us something

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