Why Hasn’t Nintendo Taken This Down Yet?

Hello guys and gals, it’s me Mutahar again! This time we take a look at what seems to be the most contradictory event in Nintendo’s quest to keep strict control of any fan game… they get taken down and we get stuck with… this! Thanks for watching!
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  1. Triple Oof

    They were too busy taking down rom sites

  2. brende the dev

    Dude!!! Persona 5 is a great game!

  3. Emory Oman

    Im at 86% too muta

  4. Velix le switch doggo

    Fr thought ash was a girl le mayo

  5. winged_ cat_45

    I've played this game its stupid

  6. Carmine

    nope big loot box will be shoutdown in belguin and then soon in all eu finly PLS SHOUTdwon

  7. Some Duder

    Wtf is this stage 4 cancer

  8. Carmine

    custom art?

  9. knightsurda

    You missed commenting on the fact that you punt a pidgey off the screen like "fuck outta here with that weak shit we only take fire types in this party"

  10. Johan Montanez

    Play More!

  11. _Âësтнэtîc_

    1:05 Is that haru from persona 5 on you homescreen? 😂

  12. Railuge

    This is worse than the game i found. Sheesh

  13. Felix Schütt

    "Don't start turf wars in the comment section"
    Gary: "Why are you catching pokemon on my turf, Ash?"
    Muta: hold my fucking beer you want a turf war you're gonna get it

  14. LucidDoes

    My dude this game is a double whammy its not only ripping off pokemon but it is also a absolute reskin of unison league

  15. Lee Boy Gaming167

    If you want a good Pokemon game on android play evocreo tapcreo and evocreo demo

  16. Lee Boy Gaming167

    This game has been there for 11 months

  17. Lee Boy Gaming167

    They always do this they always make these stuff

  18. Dank Moff Tarkin

    >Haru Wallpaper

    Muta is a man of true culture

  19. GreenMemeFever _

    Rip mother 4

  20. Timothy Y.

    I’ve seen multiple YouTube ads for unlicensed Pokemon mobile games, and even use video and audio from the anime and the games in the ads.
    Why are these allowed to exist??

  21. Nora Iconiq

    That sucks.

  22. MikeDarkMatter

    15:35 how did you miss your trainer literally kicking that fucking Pidgey's head off? xD

  23. George Baynard

    Only two choices!?!? T R I G G E R E D

  24. WillowShade

    There are buttloads of these rip off pokemon mobile games. Clones upon clones.

  25. WillowShade


  26. Matthe8151

    Could it just be that they haven't noticed? I mean. All of the ROMs that were taken down have gotten major notoriety on YouTube. However, something like this really isn't talked about all that much.

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