All 44 New Switch Games ANNOUNCED & Release Date Update For Week 3 September 2018 | Nintendo News


  1. SwitchPlanet

    Top 12 NEW Upcoming HORROR games on Nintendo Switch (2018 & 2019)

  2. RP752000

    Why didn't WARIO make it into RE-New Super Mario Bros. U ?

  3. another guest

    What's with switch and these pixelated, flatform, 80s leftover games??? Seriously, dungreed??? WTF…

  4. Hom Tom

    weak GPU
    switch only lives due to shitty games on phones

  5. Deirdre O'Sullivan

    I don’t know what I’m more excited for assassins creed or warframe

  6. Earl

    Family man looks cringy as fuck

  7. NidoKing

    I bought my switch for metroid and shin megami Tensei… No word on either one….

    Or any word on this theme song

  8. Fares Ajmi

    plz any one tell me what's the damn intro song name

  9. Rhys Gales

    I want Gang Beasts on switch.

  10. 심지수

    자막 설명 없네…


    Assessing Creed yes mon


    Family man looks good

  13. Forgotten ACE

    You forgot about ARK

  14. Ege Dalyan

    Welcome back Switch Planet!!

  15. Todden Todden

    ohman, way too many high Quality Switch Games to play

  16. Novcrimson

    How do I tell YouTube to stop recommending your videos cause they sucks!

  17. IDARK SKULL xll

    Diablo 😍😍

  18. Sylvia Marotta

    Excited for the original Escapist, Diablo 3 and Moonlighter!

  19. 0Mitka0

    Wasn los hemman problem oderwas

  20. Christian De jesus

    Why does switch games look like vita games?

  21. Lam Sid

    Thumbs up if you want less ports and more 3d platformers

  22. Ryan Morris

    Meh only one looked good the rest are cheap indie games!!!

  23. Wings Of Hope

    Getting my switch this Christmas!!

  24. Gabriel Herrera

    Parece que se vienen buenos juegos, mucho rpg c:

  25. Squiddy Pearl

    I want to play origins so bad :/ is really only for japan?

  26. Helen Fotopoulou

    I thought the thumbnail was trolling us… Now I have five games I'll buy for certain and many, many more to consider… If I get a Switch, that is.

  27. Seniku Moonjewel

    The eshop is being utterly swamped in indie trash 🙁

  28. Maicon Sulivan

    Eu quero muito comprar um Nintendo Swich. ❤

  29. mavrickhunter13

    God I hate this kind of YouTube cancer! Make some content and stop using other peoples hard work to make money off them.

  30. Arsene Lupin

    Patiently waiting for Persona 4 and Persona 5 switch port….

  31. Guilliani Ramos

    why nintendo always making launching weird strategy games instead of open world games such as god of war, red dead, etc. those kinds of games

  32. 이성민

    어쌔신 동숲 던그리드 행복

  33. 이성민

    안팔길 잘했다 ㅠ

  34. Marduk

    Fairy Fencer F NOICE

  35. Aradmas

    2019 is good year a bunch of FF series and AC release for switch… wait wut !? No FF VIII !!!

  36. Theo Crei

    alot of releases… only 1 or 2 are interesting. 😑

  37. Mega scorpio

    Awesome show super big like

  38. Syssiphus

    Looks like Nintendo is picking up speed.

  39. jonathan amner

    Duskover look amazing

  40. Ryan Tenesaca

    Dusk diver looks interesting

  41. sunnyhailey

    Looking forward to those Final Fantasy games!

  42. Zeus Jr

    Please turn down intro audio. Damn its annoying

  43. KrazyKingz

    Oddworld, strangers wrath= classic 👌👌

  44. Rattlingblade20

    I need warface

  45. syh478

    Ffx finally

  46. Tesla Volta Games

    Physical release has been confirmed for FF 7, 9, 10, and 12? Any corroborating evidence?

  47. noah lavin

    I wonder if a dead by daylight or identity V port is possible on switch

  48. lingesh roger

    when is the release date for ark survival evolve ???

  49. Yusei255

    And where the hell is War groove

    Is it even still releasing or has it been Cancelled

  50. daddy fatsacks79

    False ass thumbnail that's origins

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