MX vs ATV All Out Review for Xbox One/PS4 – Worst Game of 2018? | RGT 85


  1. Linus S

    But its patched right?

  2. เวรกรรม ตามทัน


  3. hazen young

    Coming from a guy who probably never swung a leg over a dirtbike

  4. Lörd Aströ

    I dont have this problem

  5. colxdark

    Just out of curiosity what age are you? myself I am 44 and I still love gaming even if my wife doesn’t really also was thinking of getting this game?

  6. Henryporteous

    Have you seen it now???

  7. Oscar Groendahl Jensen

    Wtf you are bad at rating games

  8. Swag Boi

    I loved untamed

  9. Donut Master 2.3

    You look gay

  10. Kuade McCall

    This guys knows about motocross games 😂

  11. Evan Bastedo

    1000th comment bois

  12. Andreu Serna

    Wtf? In PC runs perfectly, and water and walls exist.
    I'm playing even without V-Sync and I'm having zero tearing, this game is very nice and fun at least on pc.

  13. JS

    As bad as it is it's still better than anything milestone has ever made.

  14. Christine Knight

    Better game than you can make

  15. gene wilson

    I've been playing this game since the first one and it sucks waste of money

  16. espltd1000

    Probably doesn't get laid much

  17. Nate one

    I didn't even notice the "screen tearing" till you mentioned it. Yes i see the Issue… I'd get a headache from that also

  18. Nate one


  19. max kore

    what about PC

  20. Kyle Danner

    Has there been updates for the fps and screen tearing yet?

  21. Michelle Wright

    You console is trash

  22. GoodDeadpool58 58

    Jon Tron copy

  23. Andres Villa 98

    MX vs ATV reflex is the best.

  24. Kawasaki Squad

    I agree with you I used to be a massive fan of the series and I regret preordering mx vs atv all out I’d rather play monster energy supercross that’s more fun

  25. NosJay GOD

    I gotb152 fip

  26. Tyus Sanchez

    I don’t have those problems

  27. A-aron

    then again this is a review game it wasnt released

  28. John Oros

    MX vs ATV Alive is still best. Waiting another year or two for another mx vs ATV worth playing…

  29. CHRIS BOY 82

    No smoke even comes out of the exhaust lol

  30. CHRIS BOY 82

    Spot on

  31. panther kern

    You suck dumbas

  32. The Gamer

    I was watching this while playing my vs ate all out because I personally love the game

  33. Zach The Anime Hunter

    They’re still working on it even after release. I’ve been playing it and I don’t really have any issues other than frame rate during a race

  34. Nicholstop :

    Are they gonna release a decent mix vs atv game, i think it’d be cool to rip around on an atv with good physics and graphics

  35. Don’t want my Channel

    It’s an early release game

  36. Crankiercat 51

    Really, first of all. Your previewing the game before it's even out, so to me that just pretty much sucks because you only preveiwed the game before it was out so you can get views about a game sucking and when you said the online doesn't work, your pretty dumb cause how is online supposed to work when the game isn't out yet. Oh yea almost forgot, get better internet cause apparently it's not working for you.

  37. Midnighter 95

    Not one flip game is stupid

  38. Holychickens offroad

    Dont listen to this dumbow, its his opinoin not yours.

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