How to Apply a dbrand Nintendo Switch Skin


  1. Jeremy Palmer

    Amazing video definitely thinking about getting a skin for my dock!

  2. Joseph Hernandez

    The console skin, at the very least, was the most difficult to install. So many holes to fill so perfectly. But in the end, even if there are a few bubbles, it is still worth the struggle..

  3. Gamer J
  4. TheEmeraldTiger

    so the skins no longer affect the plastic like it used to?

  5. Nerdinand

    So these don't damage the console anymore?

  6. Nishen Kunalan

    A "how to basic" tutorial pls

  7. Bryan Diaz

    Putting these kinds of skins on your Nintendo switch could damage the your switch so don’t buy it

  8. Antony Khoury


  9. Niborino9409

    Kevin Kenson swears by these but since it's an adhesive skin(looks that way) and not a plastic replacement I am wary of getting one. Just my opinion 🙂

  10. Danny Candles

    I tried so hard and could not get the crimples out on the bottom of the joy cons. I followed along perfectley and used a hairdryer and everything, and it still resulted in crimples at the bottom that i couldnt get out. This is way too hard dbrand. I expected it not to be this frustrating

  11. justsaiyan05

    In the beginning right when I thought about how robotic she sounded she said "…just in case you f*ck it up…", and I was mildly suprised and had a chuckle..

  12. Jamis Mirs

    I will buy a Nintendo switch so that I can buy dbrand skin.

  13. Lazy Man

    Shoutouts to Simplefits

  14. Jose Barraza

    Doesn't fit in my Skull&co protective case anymore…

  15. hellaskinnyskin Ya buddy

    DBRAND why don't you guys make skin For MSI GS65!!!

  16. rdxut

    I don't even own a switch but this is interesting af

  17. Kyezie131

    I thought this damaged it when you take it off???? That's what you guys said initially when the switch just came out?????

  18. AsdfMan 123

    Me before buying the skins: I probably won't need this

    Me five minuets after trying to get skins on: oh god! Its all wrinkly! It looks off and i don't want to rip it! I need it i need it!!

  19. Krystal NeVair

    I don't own a switch or dbrand's skin. This is just oddly satisfying

  20. Slimeboy05

    I am getting a Nintendo Switch soon and I will be using the skins this video helped a lot

  21. Fruit_ Nut

    Its good you guys have this for new users now.

  22. Marius Merchiers

    This doesn't damage the Switch like previous skins? What changed? The glue?

  23. Icy Walrus

    Hahaha just in case you f** up!* yep fucked up my first one. Dbrand can we get matte versions of more colors? Your skins fit the joy cons so much better than other brands. Waiting for matte purple!

  24. Evan Ramirez

    #$%@ it up, very professional

  25. Matlex 04

    The joycons are easy , but the switch… I almost had a ulcer.

  26. SpaniardNL

    @dbrand, will there be an updated skin that completely covers the joycons?
    I just bought a skin, but noticed only 90 to 95-ish percent of the joycons are covered.
    This causes the original color of thhe joycon to show on the bottom and front side (between tje triggers), it makes your beautifull skin look very ugly 😥

    Hope there will come an better version of the joycon skin that also covers the front and bottom part near the triggers.

  27. Joaquin Badman

    Does it still damage the texture of the console or did they fix that?

  28. Alex

    It's borry

  29. Freddy

    Just and case if you f** it up

  30. Karl Kostin

    Just in case you f*** it up.
    This shows that companies have character and can let loose.
    Thanks dbrand

  31. Epsilon Star

    Oh sh*t I f*cked it up

  32. TragestyX

    Well this answers my question. It covers the entire thing. I will be buying this but not for my joy cons.

  33. Sheepland ;D

    what if you have no hair dryer

  34. Mario's Channel


    That was unexpected

  35. ShinAlive

    Edited: Thanks DBrand!

  36. NGClayton

    are these skins licensed by Nintendo?

  37. J V

    Just got this today. Applying this was soo hard. You are definitely going to have ridges on the edge btw :/


    This is an absolutely amazing instructional video thank you for being so clear and precise. SUBSCRIBE!!!
    I'm getting some skins from you guys soon. Carbon fiber in the house.

  39. Dubble U

    I thought the title said
    How to apply a diamond Nintendo switch skin

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