Trying to FIX a Faulty Xbox One S stuck in 480P

Hi, this ‘trying to fix’ video shows me attempting to fix a Xbox One S console which only displays in 480p. Unfortunately 720p, 1080p and 4K is not working. This was purchased from eBay for £96 UK ($125 US).
These 2 videos helped me out tremendously.
Andrew Paul –
TronicsFix –
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Apologies for the spelling mistake in the title, I didn’t want to upload it again for a missing ‘a’ in purchasing 🙂
Remember that this is just for entertainment and I am not an expert in these repairs. The processes in the video may not be the best way, the correct way or the safest way to fix these things.
I do love fault finding and trying to fix broken things so I hope that comes across in this ‘Trying to FIX’ series.
Many thanks, Vince.



  1. Xboxwizzard 79

    Haha well done vince I was a bag of nerves at the end there 👍👍👍

  2. Tom Murley

    I get so emotionally invested in repair work when my money (and pride) is on the line. Glad you do too!!

  3. Redstone Engineers

    1:14:27 that was really hard to watch

  4. Tom Murley

    You say H right.. Isn't that just how english people say it?

  5. Alex

    i'm crying, you have a gpd pocket, i want it 🙁

  6. Launchpad Pro

    In the settings you can calibrate the tv

  7. Si ScotlandSAS

    Please get tacky flux and a half decent hot air gun as this will make your life FAR easier. Great real time unedited video. Thanks

  8. Kai Beam

    Ahi vine it takes to much power to play dvd so it flickers

  9. Codrinz Blogz

    37:29 how di u?

  10. awesomeguy 180

    just looked at the pinout of an hdmi, i saw that a 5v rail was being grounded

  11. Contra

    Would've been funny if you used another Xbox to figure out what screen you start on and what controller movements you would have to do to get to the change resolution optiin

  12. Dan S

    The port HDMI 1 also supports DVI which is probably why it isn't working

  13. Corey Schroedter

    That chip change was a grueling watch but the end result was (spoiler alert) a GREAT success! Congratulations!

  14. Ruthless FearZ

    My pc did something like this and it was my graphics card don't know if that helps.

  15. Sharmageddon

    well done

  16. Highdroxy Qc

    stop saying that you don't know what your'e doing , lol

  17. jSON

    TI sells these direct for $5.89 US. Could have been a rip off

  18. Bryan de Paepe

    Practice on other things that don't matter, turn down the air flow when chips start flying, do not touch the chip while soldering, use paste flux,

  19. Dominic Flynn

    Well done Vince

  20. Bryan de Paepe

    it's very rare for different part numbers to be compatible and the law of supply and demand kick in when the Xbox is a common machine which increases the price.

  21. GEORGE1470

    Nice man!

  22. Hryper

    It doesen't matter how you "H", we still know what you mean, I use both H "words," because English is not my native language, aslong as you dont say N

  23. PetarGT Cro

    oven is the way

  24. Nenad Kralj

    HALLELUJAH 😀 It's working (btw. yeah I know how that feels) LMAO 😀

  25. Luke Macdonald

    Shakes more than my nan when she makes tea lol

  26. Mason M

    I thought xbox one was always stuck in 480p??

  27. David Piçarra

    Finally the first time you fix something

  28. Ant Mault

    Question why do u do this when you have very little electronics know how

  29. The Minecrafter named Luigi MKWK09 Productions

    Nice fix, I can't imagine how hard is was to possibly do that!

  30. Netty Voyager

    Pc talking wankers:P

  31. Netty Voyager

    dont worry im from hull we dont use H in hull so a horse is an os hello is ello hull is ul hessle is esle so i hope that annoys you all unfortunately that my yorkshire accent so 47 years dropping my H's is kind of hard to change 😛

  32. VK89000 XaLo

    480p is xbox one's standard resolution so why fix it?

  33. Apolis 69

    Vince the reason it didn’t work in hdmi 1 is because it’s said Xbox one x

  34. Kevin O'Leary

    GREAT JOB MATE watched the whole vid congrats

  35. Adam Green

    Solder solder solder….was whincing watching you do the warming process trying to get it to stick again….. i have still have 15 mins left to watch so hopefully u add some solder maybe, and too much flux is never enough, more the better ususally.

  36. steven vester

    Ima bet it is because of hdcp protocol. both devices need to hand shake. and for what ever reason it is not getting what it needs from the tv. but the device it will. ima bet cause the device supports a wide range of products it using an older standard to handshake with the xbox while the tvs are using a newer standard and the reason they work on some ports and not others is the ports your using are for HDMI standard for stuff like 4k and uhd while the ports that work are regular standard HDMI ports

  37. Arlisbloxer05

    you basically got, and repaired an xbox 1 for LITERALLY CHEAPER than retail price.

    …Lucky bugger!

  38. crimsicks

    nice one vince!!!

  39. ganesh singh

    Awesome work.

  40. Blatantly John

    Best one yet, properly nervous for you at the end! great soldering' Vince!

  41. Michael

    When i saw that chip flying around a was thinking this gonna be nothing 😂🙈😂


    Really pisses me off when people put the " make an offer" on things and no mater the offer they are like nope and i am like why the frak did your dumb ass put a make an offer on it if you had no intention of entertaining any offer.

  43. Mike Coppola

    Well I wouldn’t be able to tell cause this is running 144p for me

  44. Deadly Hippo

    Slightly higher heat, less air flow, no tape, gel type flux and longer air nozzle, this is all i would recommend you, awesome first try though and amazing that it worked, I know my first time repairing a logic board with components that small I went through a few components. 🙂

    Reasons for tips.
    #1 – More heat over less time is quicker and safer on the hardware than low heat over longer period, think about the frog in a pan of water
    #2 – Less air flow to stop the chip moving as much and less chance to knock off other components
    #3 – NO tape, never use tape just use more flux to cover everything in the area
    #4 – Best Flux types are the sticky ones, lasts longer under the amount of heat your using and can also be used to protect other components
    #5 – The Longer the air nozzle, the less restricted your view is over the area your'e working on

    recommend Flux – Amtech NC-559-V2-TF Tacky Flux 30CC

  45. ishiX

    I have 2 ps4s I could donate, one needs a reball guarantee that'll fix it and the other well I tore the power socket on the motherboard and lost a transistor

  46. Brian Retro

    Well done great job that was awesome seeing it actually work at the end " )

  47. Nasreddine Massib

    sssssoooooooooooooo happy for you
    wish to be in your place

  48. Thinh Le

    1:22:56 CRINGE WARNING. (it’s ok, we’re still subscribing)

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