Best puzzle games for PC

The best puzzle games don’t send you around in frustrating circles, forcing you to go to Google and find the tenuous solution. They are all about making you feel smart but testing you at the same time. Here are the 10 best puzzle games you can play on PC right now.

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  1. ROPname

    Cool choices! Will try a few. Thanks!

  2. Aditya Chaudhary

    Portal 2, The Room I have played. Rest list seems promising, will try one or two game from the list. Thank You.

  3. The Unacceptable

    We ask for a wireless g502
    We get best puzzle games.

  4. supernova582

    I might get the Talos principle

  5. Ricardo Rita

    World of goo?!?!

  6. Peter Pitt


  7. NikosXL007

    2 like xD

  8. teipkep


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