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The Flame In the Flood:
Memories of a Vagabond:
Yet Another Zombie Defense:
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  1. Madway

    So I don't know if you want to cover this before it ends (May 15th), but the makers of Sorties: The Path of Destinies are doing a promotion for Omensight (an upcoming game of theirs)

    They are goving away free keys for The Path of Destinies along with some other rewards based on amount of participants.

    Edit: Sorry I misread. This game has been unlocked as a reward from the promotion on Steam. So you can just get it there for now. Not sure about other rewards.

    To participate you have to send them a screenshot of you having Omensight wishlisted on Steam.

    I'm not an affiliate of them, just thought I would tell you.

    Anyways hope you read this and I'll reply to this comment with a link to the promotion (since it would be flagged otherwise)

  2. Squinqz's Life

    I already had Yet another zombie defense, I couldn't get the indie gala one because of my mobile auth bs, got Odyssey, got the humble one. Pretty gewd!

  3. Shaman The 12th Hokage

    been on vacation so worried i missed some stuff but you out here saving my ass

  4. Kloie17

    Thank you so much man

  5. Angelbert Gudes

    Ty for this bb

  6. Ferry


  7. Mopolo


  8. Ayy Lmao

    free cards xd

  9. Svetlana Rodriguez

    The game is fun. Great video.

  10. SniperPrincess

    Keep those videos up!

  11. Brian Juarez


  12. Lodin

    ty ^^

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