Nintendo, You’re Missing Out by Ignoring Virtual Console on Switch


  1. Axe Me About Axinomancy

    Let's call the hoped-for new service something catchy like "Nintendo Retro" or "Giant Unclaimed Pile of Cash."

  2. Patrick Dankers

    Well, I would love if Nintendo went the route a bit like Steam. Be sure to check my somewhat old post (yeah also in English) here;
    I would LOVE if we had a eco-system outside of the console etc.

  3. James Barkle

    Nintendos like a box of chocolates first they suck you in with there tingly and bite sized heaven balls and then out of no where they taste like shit. That you never expected from you trusted delicious chocolate that i have been having of late. Theres things in it that you just didnt expect from your innocent and trusting delectables now it just taste like corporate bull that you never thought you would get from them who ever reads this tell me you thoughts

  4. Andrew Smither

    My guess is that we have an N64 classic on the way. With the death of the virtual console and the success of the NES and SNES Classic, it makes sense that they are going that route rather than a VC.

  5. Rasputin Thorpedo


  6. mudkip04

    Plus there’s an accessory coming to use GameCube controllers for Smash Ultimate

  7. Supergamer5886

    And against the police man

  8. IanPrino

    I totally agree. I would love these on the Switch, especially GC games. I really don't know why Ninty won't do this. If they did, it would be a huge selling point, an honestly would be a must-buy.

  9. backup368

    The 5 Stages Of Grief:


  10. Bryce Johnson

    I really want to play the gamecube mario party games

  11. remakeyourself

    Here's the thing: Nintendo will absolutely give us everything we want, but with the massive success of NES/SNES Classic, the slow roll-out of NES Online, and having a meteoric success with the Switch, there is NO REASON for them to throw the kitchen sink at us right now. They'll save these things so that we have to buy them as many times as they can. I hate waiting and I'd love to have the VC now, but come on – We all keep buying it and as much as they love forced scarcity, they'll take the Disney approach, stretch this out as long as possible, and reap major rewards for it – And we'll buy it all because we're stupid idiot Nintendo consumer whores.

  12. SLG64

    Hackers will add them in. Hackers do what Nintendon't.

  13. Clay4Trey

    A portable version of Super Mario Galaxy has been my life long dream.

  14. Liam L

    They really do NEED to have some kind of virtual console for gamecube in my opinion and many others believe that too. GameCube games should have online play and chat (even if you have to use the online app) but that may be asking for a lot so I really think we should at LEAST get GameCube virtual console on it's own but online multiplayer would be much appreciated too 🙂


    I totally agree! I have been saying this for a while myself and who would play Pokemon Snap with me for the 64?? Come on Nintendo, your entire market is this fanbase that has been here for decades! Feed us!! 😀

  16. Rainbow Tashie

    We wanna play these games legally and throw our money at them but Ninty just don't want us to, they even dropped the hammer on a lot of emu sites, which was a dick move but what other options do we have >.<

  17. ร Raw Rua

    There has literally been 0 Nintendo exclusives that have appealed to me this year. If they released Virtual console that would not have been the case.

  18. Isaax

    I hacked my Switch and am now playing NES, SNES, N64, PS1, all the handheld up until the GBA, and I also can back up my saves locally. Soon, a community made DLC will launch for SMO that's basically a hard mode, exactly what I wanted from the game to begin with. Hacking was extremely easy too after purchasing a cheap $3 jig from eBay. Honestly, apart from the risk of getting banned, this way of playing is awesome and I feel like I finally get at least part of what I should be getting, I mean the Switch has so much potential but Nintendo is shooting themselves with everything they do apart from the Switch exclusive games they make. Repeatedly.

  19. Steven Smith

    Where do people find the time to play retro games? I have a back catalogue of AAA and Indie games on my Switch and a full time job

  20. Spencerlj07

    If they make the minis there’s no need for a virtual console

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