Red Dead Redemption – Mission #55 – A Continual Feast (Xbox One X)

Red Dead Redemption – Mission #55 – A Continual Feast recorded in full HD.
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John Marston is a former outlaw looking for an all new life in 1911 America. When government agents from the newly-established Federal Bureau threaten his and his family’s freedom, Marston is sent across the American West to help uphold the law and to achieve redemption. His job is to kill or capture his former gang members, including his old friends and gang partners such as Bill Williamson and Dutch Van Der Linde. He must do this or his family will pay the ultimate price.

● Platform: Xbox One (Also available for PS3 & Xbox 360)
● Recorded using the Elgato HD60 Game Capture
● Edited using Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014

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  1. Ethan James

    I like the way uncle thinks he still the man of the house with John there he so lazy with excuses bossy uncle 🐎😏

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