Unlocking the *RAREST* skin in Fortnite… ($500 Skin)

Fortnite Battle: Royale – I got the $500 exclusive skin unlocked! 😀
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  1. Ali-A


    Hit 👍🏻 “LIKE” 👍🏻 and ENJOY! 💙

  2. Jeffrey Powell

    Your blind there was a llama were you was fighting by leaky lake you idiot

  3. DT Productions

    I am an Xbox player and I have been killed by an eon

  4. __ Shooter __

    The only thing that annoyed me in this video is that he kept calling “shield” armour like what the f

  5. TNC _ 2006

    18:20 look at how many wood he has… 😱😱😱

  6. ArrowBoy06

    I am an Xbox and I haven't seen it yet

  7. Brock Bryant

    I have a Xbox and I’ve never seen the skin in game

  8. Max Madnez

    There was a lama in 15:34

  9. Ralphy152

    Switch to Xbox u kid or 1v1 me u trash can

  10. FoldingEagle 944

    انت عربي؟

  11. Ethan Gamez

    yooooo I have an Xbox s

  12. Drift text

    It’s not $500 it’s $30.00 -_-

  13. Katie Hernandez

    Miss a lama

  14. Mr. TV

    Best intro 4ever

  15. URBAN808 Fortnite daily

    Is it free because ima get it?

  16. Gforce 12309

    Stoooooooop clickbaiting

  17. Snow Bros Gaming

    He left a legendary scar

  18. John B

    I’m Xbox I havn’t

  19. Dargon 2009

    I miss Ali A’s old intro so I could….


  20. Dominic Votavota

    like if ali a kills noobs

  21. Austin Kalb

    1:53 he flicked us off

  22. Connor Boyd

    Thats the xbox exclusive skin

  23. Gamer Gods

    Wich skin looks better battle bomber or eon

  24. Clint Phillips

    Please show ur settings

  25. PPCfortnite

    21:50 is this you DJ shushshsbsb kid?

  26. SME _ Station

    I'm seriously confused how could he get the switch skin and the xbox skin? I thought ps4 banned you from transferring your account?

  27. Kool_Data

    I have this morning I killed him

  28. ReVWolfz

    It might look good with the white out back blind

  29. Jasmine Brunson

    you a god at fortnite !!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Lasse Ottink

    I hope you die

  31. MSN GAME

    Buy ps 4 ixBox

  32. Giraffe Vlogs

    Play on xbox ps4 sucks

  33. Anton Reyes

    I am a Xbox player and I SAW one!

  34. Gabe Gabe

    llama btw in the storm


    He had a legendary scar

  36. Splizy Mizy

    I have it

  37. vini893


  38. Str8rocket

    I’m pissed he missed a llama I don’t care if he was in the storm5:15

  39. Velniukstiz

    Noob its not 500€ is 5€

  40. Henrik t

    What is the code

  41. SethGames

    Start playing on xbox

  42. Razvan _RO

    Try to play whit a XBOX controler


    Here is a fun fact: My name is also "Eon"

  44. crazy gamer

    I'm jelous ps4 dose NOT have a robot skin

  45. Liza Snyder

    What’s the code

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