All 24 New Switch Games ANNOUNCED & Release Date Update For Week 2 October 2018 | Nintendo News


  1. SwitchPlanet

    Top 12 NEW Upcoming RPG Games On Nintendo Switch (2018 & 2019)

  2. andybuttz

    The Room…. I had that on iOS like 7 maybe 8 years ago and it took an hour to finish. What a waste of a release.

  3. Patrick Koller

    99% is bullshit

  4. James Davidson

    Rubbish line up

  5. ActosMagus

    Now there's something I never expected to see, a real reboot/remaster of Descent for modern times.

  6. Y Y

    I just want Rhythm Tengoku

  7. Goddess Queen


  8. bloody mary

    Most of it is bad as a waste of money to try

  9. Jinsei Cast

    Jesus, I wonder what are people's criteria when it comes to deeming a game good or bad. I feel like I'm the only one in this planet that actually is willing to give smaller games or mobile ports a shot. Of course, there are others like me. But here, I feel so lonely.

  10. Serah H

    90% eshop indie games…. Good thing is just dont buy them ^^ Physical games is whats the best! ^^

  11. Jerry Fransz

    I'm looking forward to when kingdom hearts 3 would appear in this channel.
    Fingers crossed

  12. mkitten13

    My flatmate will be really happy about Trine 3, and I think that one looks really good. Also really interested in Chasm

  13. Ow3zara

    99% shovelware :((

  14. nowonmetube

    The RoomAndroid: 1,09 €Windows: 5,00 €Switch: 10 €
    Seems legit

  15. sean sullivan

    nintendo = pile of crap

  16. вυттєяcυp υтσηιυm

    Like come on Nintendo, we know damn well that Jason game is from the mobile store -_- and it's free or to pay..forgot what it was but yeah..this is sigh and it is true some of the games look fun while the rest is just bad

  17. Hector F. Torres

    Where's Resident Evil 12345678… Remix Champion Edition Ultra?

  18. James Pelton

    I would hope they would release all 3 Trines

  19. JJ_ Corrupted

    Trine 3 looks fun

  20. Premium Fruits

    Oh lawdy is dat sum Kairosoft?

  21. Oi. Meu nome é Jão Ram PvP

    Quem vai de mito nessa porra? Os gringos viadinhos não conta kkkkk até a puta da Madona virou Helenão 🤣😂😂

  22. Paul Branwhite

    Xenon Racer, Subdivision, Trine 3 and The Room all for me please.

  23. Chris Bricks

    I wish they'd just cut it with all that cheap smartphone Indie crap!

  24. Alan Gonzalez

    Love Chasm, played it a ton on PC. such a fun Castlevania styled game.

  25. marlol22

    pffff c'est triste……

  26. Ricardo Jara

    Exorder, xenón racer and those spaceship games looks cool to me

  27. seng vang

    Xenon racer reminds me of San Francisco rush on the Dreamcast

  28. CasePB

    I hope Xenon Racer is as good as it looks. It makes me forget all about 90s Super GP.

  29. Celal Cayci

    Pls change the intro music… i can't hear it pls… everytime when i click a video i roll my eyes… my brain hurts

  30. London Plum

    What’s the thumbnail?

  31. Alex Munhoz

    se loko so jogos besta.

  32. Wanderson macedo

    Name of música intro ?

  33. supermario슈퍼마리오

    Some of the games copied super Mario

  34. Garten Kings

    Descent 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

  35. foxy l

    Where switchsetta?!?!?!?

  36. Gaetan GAINARD

    I'm so trine ! Tchouss !!

  37. Eric Ling

    You can never kill off Jason, not on TV, nor on Games

  38. DwarvishPasty

    All crap then , switch so far is a crap purchase . PS4 and pc get all the use

  39. MrCool

    Where's GTA 5 Kingdom Hearts 3 Need for Speed and Naruto Storm 4

  40. Mario alberto cantu

    welcome to 100% games shit for the switch

  41. Ph Ph

    Damn.. So no games on switch.. When is diablo coming? And I will definitely purchase dragon quest 11 on switch. It better come to switch

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