Black Desert Xbox- Wizard Combat Video

Today we take a look at the Wizard in the upcoming Black Desert for Xbox One. The Wizard is a master of the elements, using combinations of different spells to lay waste to vast groups of enemies. Will you be able to master the elements once Black Desert launches later this year.

Black Desert is an upcoming MMORPG by Pearl Abyss. The game features a rich character customization system, intense combat and rewarding life skills. Pick up Black Desert for Xbox when the game goes live later this year!



  1. Infernal

    Ah yes, the grind GOD.

    Just to add something – Wiz/witch are the only class with party heal, which makes them a crucial part of any guild battle (seige/node). They also got an AOE defense buff.
    So in the right hands this steam train of bad assery will be a major factor in any fight.



    Beta go go go!

  3. Salem Vice

    This game killed all hype I had for Rdr2. Can't wait to play, love these little videos. They keep my hope alive.

  4. Chizman117

    zerker next? 🙂

  5. Doyu casual gaming

    I notice in the description it keeps saying later this year? Are they talking a 2018 release? If so will the beta start soon? We only have two months left.

  6. Solo Player

    I was excited for this game.. last year

  7. impervious 877

    Hopefully there’s a release date soon

  8. impervious 877


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