GTLive: Luigi’s Going DOWN – Matpat’s REVENGE! | Super Mario Party (Nintendo Switch)

Special thanks to Nintendo for bringing us the game EARLY!
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It’s time to reclaim my crown! We are back playing Super Mario Party. I cannot let this go without avenging my title as King of Mario Party. Join us!

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  1. Kade Rose

    Mario party is back to what we all loved it for. Destroying relationships! Good job Nintendo 😂.

  2. jermain the person.

    Luigi wins by being mat Pat's enemy….. VARIETY.

  3. Alexandria Sims

    I need Mario Party to be an Olympic sport 😂

  4. Sofia Welker

    I love you so much!!!!!!

  5. bean

    Toadette just cannot resist luigi's 7 inch magnum dong

  6. Samuel Beale

    I beat my mom and my 16 year old brother since I was 5 and now I am undefeated since 10 and never cheat also am A+in math and science thanks to you mat

  7. DJ_Wolff


  8. Original _AJ37

    Poor MatPat sufferers from the wrath of KING LUIGI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. JayMoore3D

    What a twist!!!

  10. K and N Productions

    Hi I just wanna say I’m a new creator and your channel impacts me and my channel a lot. You guys are awesome and I love your channel so much.

  11. Legendary Lines

    I'm so glad MatPat won in the end. That was so funny!

  12. Brøkęn Pøtåtø


    Bye I'll leave you alone now

  13. No_Name

    I love❤ how the first part was talking about being a sore loser XD😂

    Just realized
    So I guess I am early to the video yayayayayya😂😊💙💚💜💛

  14. Caroline Kartyasa

    Nooooooo I miss it!!

  15. Aaron Gray

    I did to

  16. Jillian Donnert

    I'm so glad you played more of this!

  17. Piechy

    When you go to watch the stream but it already ended…

  18. Paula Ponce

    When are u doing a theory on little nightmare?

  19. R.H Music

    WHOOOOOO Mario Partyy

  20. ETNfan king

    Yah I missed it

  21. Jacob Tidwell

    I honestly did not want to make another stupidly long comment about my problems, but times are tough for me lately, and it seems I really only have you guys in the comments and on Twitter to listen. I'm not making you read this, but some help would be greatly appreciated.

    I was so excited for another Super Mario Party stream, I love the game so much, and I really wanted to see who would triumph this time. I was even going to submit a piece of fanart on Twitter tonight. But sadly, I had to miss this one. But unlike Tuesday’s stream (which I still have yet to watch), it is not because of a boring meeting I had to go to, this time it was about schoolwork. This year is the first time I’m doing poorly in one of my classes (math of course), and my parents are growing really strict about it. They’ve been suspecting, my mom especially, that I’ve just been goofing off on my phone and laptop when I’m supposed to be doing homework, which isn’t true.

    They’ve threatened to take away my phone and laptop. Normally I would just clear my history to hide the Twitter and Instagram accounts I got to follow Matthew and Stephanie, but my dad claims he has ways to see what I’m doing. Even when driving home from dinner two hours ago, he said he was able to figure out ways to see what I’ve been up to, even without actually taking my devices. And that makes me nervous.

    My mom is so strict about homework and schoolwork now, that I’m forced to miss the streams, which help calm me down in times of stress, but I’m now missing them and am getting put into situations with even more stress. I mean, she doesn’t even know Matthew and Stephanie exist, so of course she doesn’t realize I’m missing the people and streams I love, but I still don’t want to risk telling them, because I don’t know how my dad would react. (I know I’ve said this 1,000 times before, but the reason I don’t tell anyone about them is because my dad is internet-sensitive, and I don’t know how he’d react. He could take it all away). Because I keep it a secret from literally every person I know, including siblings and friends, I just don’t have anyone in real-life to talk to about these sorts of things, and it makes me sad.

    Last night’s stream, I commented about how jealous and even a bit envious (yes, I still feel ashamed of myself for feeling that way) I was that Matthew and Stephanie did all these cool things like go to different countries, go skiing, ride helicopters, go scuba diving, and even go to that Universal Studios Halloween thing (loved that video today, it was adorable). And they’ve done so many cool things with animals, and as someone who’s loved animals his whole life, I can’t help but be jealous; they go whale-watching, go swimming with sharks and mini sea-spider things, play chess with capuchin monkeys, hang out with kangaroos and llamas, and ride dromedaries, elephants, and ostriches (The ostrich one makes me the most jealous, since when am I ever gonna do THAT?). And while of course I’m happy they get to do these things, I can’t help but feel jealous on the inside, and it really bothers me. I’ve always wanted to do the things they do, I’ve been dreaming of doing that stuff long before Game Theory was even a channel, but I can’t, and I feel like I never will.

    Why can’t I live my dreams like they do? Well, one, money, but two, because I’m currently stuck in 10th grade with a bunch of lousy kids who behave absolutely terrible and stuck with a ton of stressful homework that only freaks me out and causes anxiety. And Matthew, Stephanie, and GTLive helps to take away that stress, but now with my parent’s new strict homework rules, I can’t escape it, and miss the things that cheer me up. And while they’re out there living the same awesome dreams I’ve wanted to do, I’m stuck in my miserable, anxiety-inducing school. I just feel so trapped and helpless.

    And with dad saying he’s able to see what I’m up to on my devices (I honestly don’t know how), I’d imagine the secret won’t remain a secret if he does decide to check. And then, everything could be over. Matthew and Stephanie helped me through so much, losing them would probably cause me to go into the deepest depression I’ve ever entered. I watched my first Game Theory episode in the middle of October last year, seems somewhat poetic it could be leaving my life almost exactly one year later. 😢

    Like I said, I didn’t want to turn this into another insanely long rant about my problems, but I can’t actually talk to anyone in real life, so this is really all I got. 😞

  22. PaperSalmon4165


    The structural formula on the wall is caffeine. Spent so long trying to figure it out.

  23. ChocoGamin3

    GTLive: Luigi's Going DOWN – Matpat's REVENGE! | Super Mario Party (Nintendo Switch) 39:50 51:43 1:00:43 fullstream=1:13:30-ish do the math –2:44 *38:55 *48:15 *1:08:38

  24. Ethan Edgar


  25. PearlBirbMom

    I laughed lots. Game Theory is always amazing when it comes to games. Glad Boo beat Luigi. Sorry Steph. She looks so sad and angry. Also, PLOT TWIST ENDING. And poor Mat was rejected a hug.

  26. Dracoblades :D

    omg wig she sNAPPED!

  27. Crystal_GalaxyWolf YT


  28. Luigi the Master Gamer

    Just you wait Matpat… I always come back………………. to go to a party :DDDDD….. but I was close enough… right……
    (edit) how do i get 18 likes i never even got 4

  29. Asher Flame


  30. White Diamond


  31. Ghost Trainer Cobo Jones

    So the legend is true,Boo is the only character who can beat Luigi!

  32. Kichona Cho

    The ending though XD

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