NEW Xbox Update Adds Biggest Features of The Year | Xbox News

NEW Xbox One Update Detailed! New Xbox Update Adds Biggest Features of The Year | Xbox News
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  1. therealbossplaya

    The XBOX 🎮 SCARLETT better fuckin have KINECT 3.0!!!!!

  2. Aias 23

    2013: Use Kinect to navigate menus and track motion
    2018: Use Alexa, to wake up Siri to chat with Kortana to navigate menus via OK Google.

  3. The Duke

    They need to redo the old avatars with new update over time. Some of us have been on live for over ten years and have wasted alot of money on avatars items we want to see with new system update.

  4. Lieutenant Starbuck


  5. Robert Worth

    I do like the new avatar, however, I don't own an Xbox.
    Dealer, thanks for sharing.

  6. Carl Ivers

    XBOX — We're getting avatars I'm getting that nickelback shirt WOW we're getting dobly Vision HDR WOOHOO ……

    PS — hold my beer ….. where getting the last of us 2, Death Standing, days gone, ghost of tsushima, Yakuza 6, Erica

  7. Kevyn Grams

    Dolby Vision is an awesome update!

    The new Cortona stuff is great as well. Kinect should have stayed bundled. Thanks for screwing that one up consumers. Glad we now get to enjoy these features through another pointless App/Device.

  8. Marcus Games

    There also removed the virtual keyboard text suggestions witch was extremely helpful

  9. Anthony Porter

    Great video bro

  10. Axel Foley

    Bring on the next Xbox. I want 4K/60fps/Ultra

  11. rudy garza

    Dolby vision = hdr12

  12. J B

    If ain't no 1 vs 💯 it's a no for me dog…

  13. Tony Yayo

    MEGATON!!! CrapGamer out!!!

  14. Nick G

    Honestly, I didn't want it to be true but I literally just tried to make an Avatar but it looks like a girl no matter what I do. Even with facial hair it looks like a girl growing a beard. They are over the top feminine, I can't even put my finger on it but nothing looks truly male.

  15. game n chill

    All the male avatars have 0 masculinity.

  16. solarneddy

    All news is good news

  17. jfmthuglove

    Preciate all your videos thank you thank you keep them coming brother

  18. JohnxGamer

    Good vieo dealer. Love your content.

  19. Noragame012

    Biggggggest? Huh am out

  20. nate joe

    I know he's your friend but that's just how I feel

  21. nate joe

    Crapgamer calls himself the best I don't agree with everything he says I think you're the best when it comes on the Xbox information

  22. nate joe

    I know you might not agree with me sometimes that's why I got a lot of respect for you

  23. nate joe

    Yo dealer you are the best Xbox content creator I like you better than crap I like crap gamer but you're better your channel is way better

  24. juICe419

    I can't get this cortana thing to work. Fk it… Lol

  25. K. Tucker

    Told that fool kinect wasn't dead smh popular belief is usually wrong

  26. Blakk Lion

    0:43 Since we’re getting a lot of JRPG games On Xbox they should give out avatar achievements to give you Clothing and accessories from those games.

  27. KingCoin 420

    I love being in the alpha beta program I had this stuff for months yall late lol

  28. Teado25

    Dolby vision only work on a select few TV's, mine work natively on the inbuilt Netflix app but not through Xbox, RIP.

  29. scalabrine playoff 3pt 46% curry playoff 3pt 40%

    This avatar shit is gay. Can I avoid it and just use gamer pic?

  30. Cake Batter

    Cortana via Kinect should have come back in 2014

  31. Smudgy Skillz

    I want snap back

  32. xMKx T Rock

    Dealer, you’re the man.. I wish you had more opinionated personalities for you podcasts. I’m really starting to like MrBOOmstickxl he should be a regular…Dealer and boom in the evenings … I think it would be a hit!!!!

  33. otherZinc

    I use my Kinect with my XBOX One X Project Scorpio everyday.

    Kinect is better than thast PSVR Trashy Garbage And PS Move…Remember that Garbage?

  34. kahnsealable

    In other news. Sony is allowing gamers to change their names after 12 years of research and development. Lmmfao

  35. Steven C

    Nice info!… Subscribing.

  36. Chad Collins

    Dynamic themes or gtfo Xbox. Seriously. I'm a huge X1X fanboy but I'm tired of waiting for this PS3 feature.

    -Alpha Insider

  37. iKxM -

    Bro, you got some good taste in music.

  38. Mondo

    Just give me a shopping cart and wish list already

  39. Justin Knauf

    Can I not just get a normal guys hairstyle for my avatar? Ha

  40. Wolfgang Von Hertzen

    Is avatars really something that gamers asked? Or even wanted?

  41. pervert kun

    The new avatars are… Interesting, but are they waifu material?

  42. Serenity

    Will they finally be adding a wish list, that’s the only thing I really care about.

  43. SpeedWolf

    4th comment and I've subscribed.

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