Nintendo Contacted Me… BAD NEWS!


  1. MetalJesusRocks

    I'm not a Nintendo Ambassador and you don't need them to be successful on YouTube.

  2. DBSRLY _

    Let's get you to 50 000 then buddy!

  3. Gehis514

    … Being an ambassador was your dream? Hopefully you have loftier and better goals than that for your channel, because that really isn't much

  4. Lytnin Stryke

    Just wait and if your channel gets big they will definitely want you

  5. Retro Cynical

    Eh Nintendo has released great product over the years and I'm still a fanboy of the golden years of NES/SNES I love many of their franchises in general (with all my heart) but I've never been a fan of them as a corporate entity. Just knowing their history of lawsuits and how they treated companies that developed games for them in the past, etc. I realize this is something you were hoping for and I know the pains of disappointment but really, you don't need them, you seem to be doing just fine on your own.

  6. Richard Gresham

    Man I have friends in the program two I’m just gonna say this one thing they don’t really care half the time it’s just one of the downfalls

    But the part of that is they can’t control you so you can pretty much do any content you want just have fun with it bro and don’t let it get you down

  7. Zeonos Industries

    Serves you right fanboy.

  8. Robert Campos

    This solidifies my love for PlayStation.

  9. Bigpoppashark

    Wait you're not an Nintendo Ambassador? Unsubscribed

  10. Zach McCollough

    Boo hoo… they never guaranteed you’d get into the program lol just move forward and make good content

  11. zombee38

    I don’t need Nintendo .. I have 165 loyal subscribers!

  12. Robert H

    Axe or ask?

  13. Firestar Hart

    Keep your chin up man. I'm still a small timer on here and I'm trying like hell to get up there. You're already doing good, and now you get to keep doing you. You don't have to stop your Nintendo Content, but you definitely will find that being yourself is a lot more enjoyable.

  14. kebsood

    this is why you shouldn't "love" any corporation, they don't give a shit about you so why should you give a shit about them?

  15. Deez Nutz

    Well they all said that it’s full, they never said that you aren’t worthy… just wait bro. Peace ✌️

  16. Robbe Joye

    are you dutch?

  17. Tom Diewoodys

    Don’t worry man maybe They will start paying attention to ya soon. Congrats on 10k

  18. Henry Summers


  19. Steven Garcia

    Wow dude.. Kinda sad you think so highly of being a part of an "exclusive" group.. You must have not been in the "popular" group in highschool? Amirite?

  20. Kid Knuckle

    Nintendo doesn't need you lol

  21. Nick Frazzini

    Having never seen your channel before this video, I could easily feel your passion for Nintendo based upon your briefing of your ambassador status. Keep your chin up, and nose down to that grindstone. Anyone that knows a decent amount about Nintendo knows that they are riddled with poor and highly questionable business and marketing decisions; it's kind of their M.O. (on the negative front). What they have always done right, and arguably better than anyone else, is provide genre defining video games that transcend age, sex, and skill level while continuously reminding the industry that these are suppose to be FUN. For every giant step forward Nintendo takes, they ultimately take multiple tiny steps backwards. I wish they weren't this way, but they are. May I suggest taking a page out of Nintendo's own playbook when moving forward with this channel; stay true to you (I know it sounds cheesy but hear me out). The big N has thrived, stumbled, waivered on the brink of extinction (according to the critics), recovered, excelled, pushed the boundaries, faltered, fought, and kicked ass throughout their 30+ years in the video game industry. One thing that has never changed though is who they are at their core. Their games continue to provide joy and entertainment to millions of people, and will continue to do so as long as they stay true to themselves. Your joy and passion for this company can provide you with similiar success (in comparison) here on YouTube as long as you remain true to yourself. I can understand why you would remove negative themed content whilst having your channel reviewed. But at the same time I cant help but think that your channel reviewed suffered because of the said removal. It shouldn't matter how big, successful, or great someone or something is; everyone could stand to hear where they can improve and better themselves. We all know Nintendo isn't perfect, and they know it too. Without the constructive criticism (that's how I refer to my rants) they would never know where to go next. Just look at their recent trolling of themselves with Game Informer and their fake award for the review scores the publication gave the first two Mario Party titles. Stay true to yourself, work hard, and you will achieve your goals. I leave you with that because this new subscriber would like to watch some of your channel's back content now.

  22. Joel Henry

    Just keep on working bro

  23. Colin Hawks

    Keep your head up buddy! You’ll get there eventually if you stick to it! Don’t let your dreams die out!

  24. Nintenjoe

    You said that you had 13K subs. It's been a week since you posted this and it went up by 2K! MetalJesusRocks is right. You don't need to be a Nintendo Ambassador to be successful. Just keep doing what you're doing! You're a success in my book!

  25. jgfjgfify

    While it's true that at Nintendo business always come First. Fans? A distant second, and the bean count'in pricks running nintendo DO NOT care about you. However, i can understand this issue. Not everybody gets to be in a program like this. This should'nt stop you from doing your channel though.

  26. earthxmeltdown

    PlayStation is the way to go

  27. TehSymbiote

    Austin John Plays had this happen too… Whats going on at Nintendo?

  28. Andy Kooper

    I'm not trying to be mean. But u gotta stop saying Umm so much. And be yourself. U seem so lackluster. Find a game that really means slot to u and be expressive about the way it makes you feel. And go from there. Watch yourself and Critic the videos. Find the good and bad in your videos and practice to make improvements. Best hopes for you. I hope you achieve ur goal. Keep gaming…

  29. Alex Ackles

    7/8 into the video and you FINALLY say the point…..

  30. Win Nguyen

    Pubes bro!

  31. First Blood

    I love your content and just know everything happens for a reason. Keep striving for your goal

  32. johnnyscifi

    You can always reapply, right…:)

  33. johnnyscifi

    You got my subscription

  34. johnnyscifi

    Youve got 15k tho…ohh no

  35. Greg Thompson

    I wouldn't get involved with Nintendo directly, they are really shitty to the consumer and I'm guessing would dictate what you had to do. Just let it go, healthier way to be I'm betting

  36. Jowe fire

    If there going to tell you stupid thing like that you don't need them

  37. supermariokyle1223

    I wish I could get to 10,000 subs I have like 10 sub

  38. Galactic Kitty

    What's a Nintendo ambassador?

  39. nanceicecream sunnyday

    Ummm. I didn’t know this existed. Now I can guess who those ambassadors are 🧐🤔 there is a bunch of kids very very young all Nintendo content. 🤔

  40. RobChu Animations

    I like ur intro.

  41. Blake Tessin

    Try Sega

  42. ManosToroRosso

    Welcome to the family friend 🙂

  43. Omar Alhashmi

    Wow that’s so so so sad

  44. Maximum Force

    Thing is, dont ask

  45. Retrobution

    The problem with loving Nintendo and wanting ambassador status is that you CAN'T rant about the problems in Nintendo games, which then makes you a lapdog. It's better to be independent and have your own genuine opinions. It's something I've thought long and hard about as I attempt to become a content creator. I feel bad for ya mate but it's for the best. Your channel is not Nintendo, it's you, and that's what makes the channel great. It's what youtube was originally all about. Keep up the great work mate your killing it.

  46. Franklin Lewis


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