PKGj Guide: Install Vita Games, Updates, DLC and PS1 Content without PC

In this video we look at PKGj which is an updated fork of PKGi and brings some new functionality to the PS VITA scene.
PKGj has the advantage of being able to offer game updates and DLC as well as games which require firmware above 3.60 in NoNpDRM format. It also now supports downloading PS1 games which can then be launched using Adrenaline.

You can download PKGj.vpk file from here:

You can download a PKGj config.txt file from here:!sFkjkKTR!AdCcVTpFuJJf62LppMbKck6jLv_osBF1Jub7ueRqPYs

You will need to have the NoNpDRM plugin installed to be able to use PKGj or PKGi. I have a video showing how to install NoNpDRM here:

PKGj is great because it runs on your Vita and will allow you to get the content directly on your Vita without needing to use a PC. One limitation of this however is that the Vita’s WIFI is quite slow, so games may take some time to download and extract.
If you would prefer to download games at higher speeds from your PC, then transfer them manually over to the Vita, you might prefer using the NoPayStation browser tool.

I have a video talking about NoPayStation here:

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    'fail to download list'

  2. Rutger van Driessen

    @skullator "One limitation of this however is that the Vita's WIFI is quite slow, so games may take some time to download and extract." >> Will it be better for the PSTV via the ethernet port ? Via Wifi the download speed is terrible 😛 This may be a suggestive question but I just thought of it and haven`t tried it yet 😉

  3. Manu Deejay

    hi, i have download a game PSX EUR , but when i launch i don't have the choose language (odyssée abe), any idea ? thanks

  4. Nick Shulyak

    You are a star!

  5. ThatGuyXavier

    Fatal error:Failed to laod config: no config.txt found

  6. Joshua Lim

    Help when I go to the ps1 games list there is nothing there and when I refresh it says failed to parse list

  7. Azur3storm

    Just a note to anyone currently trying to use PKGJ v 0.36, something is seriously wrong with it. Revert to v 0.35.

  8. Evan Lathouras

    Could you do a vid on installing pkgj 0.36?
    Each time i install and try launching it crashes, dont have this isue with previous versions, thanks

  9. TheAnimeTrapGod

    my version of pkgj crashes on startup any fix?

  10. RelyOnNick !!

    Everytime I try to open I get error C2-12828-1 Saved Core File Succeeded can anyone help ?

  11. Caffeinated Frostbite

    how to download updates on nopaystation?

  12. gefferson delos reyes

    Do you need pkgi to install pkgj?

  13. Mj Jaraba

    +skullator can you make a video on how to save/backup the games from PSvita to PC. I have a slow internet connection and I don't want to redownload a 3gb file if I want to play the game again. Please please.

    or how to convert PKGJ downloaded games to .VPK file

  14. gamology georgia

    omg best video I ever seen thank you <3

  15. Joaquin Dayrit

    I am only going to be playing persona 3 dancing on a vita and I was wondering if there was a way to play P3D on a vita with 3.65 firmware (P3D is a 3.67+ game)

  16. -T S-

    Vita scene is so cooool

  17. Shon Nonya

    the DL speed less than 1mbs for anyone else?

  18. ask mefirst

    I download some of the games but few games not showing up after download but it shows on pkgi that the games is already downloaded. Please help.

  19. Mr. Jr.

    I have Henkaku enso on cfw 6.0 installed . Will I need to do anything special to download the latest psvita games etc…? I'm completely new to this and bought this already modded psvita from some guy.

  20. Borg Camlan

    where can you get nonprdm games

  21. Sprockenberry T

    Can you move the psx install to the uma0 folder to use with adrenaline?

  22. KubarkX

    how install dlc and update of game

  23. It Focusinc

    does this work on 3.60?

  24. Dub Price

    how can i update my game? like soul sacrifice delta. im using h-encore in my 3.67 pavita.

  25. The ZGX

    how to avoid downloading pkg in pkgj when i already have pkg file? i can do this in pkgi but not in pkgj

  26. AiTcH/ /Bariku

    my dlc's are not working and im using te latest pkgj?

  27. 4forksache

    has anybody got a link to this theme he's using?

  28. Ati1m

    I have a problem. I want to load a game on my vitatv comes an error message
    "scePromoterUtilityPromotePkgWithRif failed: 0x80870004 please check your NoNpDrm installation"

  29. Benjamin brunsveld

    I have bought a pre-hacked vit, however I would like to use a bigger memory card. This does not work and I do not want to f up the existing hack, any tips?

  30. Skittles GO

    can u still play the games that has 3.61-3.63or3.65 indication while on 3.68?

  31. Hamster Smash

    mine isn't loading any games

  32. Eubert Tolentino

    Error No compatibility pack found .. how to fix this ?

  33. graviron

    There are games with (3.61+!) (3.63) on the end of the title.. are we able to download and play the game?

  34. SoundOfNeutral

    Had an error while trying to update the game list, had to edit the URLs to "http://www.___&quot; – adding "www" solved the issue for me!

    Maybe this can help others aswell.

  35. sysLink15

    so i have the latest update for pkgj and i heard that psp support was added, but i can not find the psp on the search tab of pkgj to download psp iso's.

  36. Circuitkun

    so i'm having a problem with an error 0x80010002 when installing pkgj. it's on a working SD2Vita and i've probably looked everywhere. help a boy out?

  37. mav vasquez

    I just successfully installed pkgj and started downloading and installing dlcs for my games but when im in the game i could not find any dlcs, how is that? Do i have to download the game also from pkgj so that dlcs can work? Someone please help, thanks a lot

  38. Sem Lemonov

    When I try to exit the program using home button it shows the red cross. The only way to exit it for me is force turn off the vita

  39. VideosWithNexus

    hey dude can games install in the external sdcard, i only have 4gb internal 🙁

  40. Loan King

    Will it work on 3.60?

  41. Sedorak1979

    Nice Vid, thanks alot ! This tool is just AWESOME 🙂

  42. Lee Jeferson

    my computer wont let me view the hidden files on my psvita. Can someone tell me how to make them visible. please

  43. Go_Shidoku

    There are some games that I want to download not in the psp list, is this normal or I used the wrong url in config file?

  44. Just_Josh2000

    Please help I keep getting this error 0x80431075

  45. Charles Matteson

    hello so i watched your video very clear and helpful but it didnt tell me what to do if the app wouldnt let me download ps vita games so if you have time can you make a video to help the people that this app didnt work for

  46. saf8877

    thank you!

  47. Luke Hikari

    Is it safe to download, install and play games using PKGj? I've personally not used it myself (yet), but I saw this everywhere and I recently got Henkaku on my Vita and I couldn't help but wonder. Wonder if this is worth using in the short/long term.

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