PS4 “Metal Slime” Console Unboxing (Limited Playstation 4) Dragon Quest XI Collector’s Edition

Unboxing Japan exclusive Playstation 4 Metal Slim Limited Edition console and Dragon Quest XI ドラゴンクエスト Echoes of an Elusive Age Collector’s Edition (thanks to Square Enix for sending that).
PS4 Pro 500 million limited edition
Spider-Man PS4 Pro
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  1. TheRelaxingEnd

    Playstation 4 fans here?

  2. yuki


  3. Ideal Giant

    The button mashing of the controller gives me tingles everytime..


    Only ps4 yessssss

  5. Hisham Bounaji

    Did everyone click on here to see the metal slim

  6. Lion AQua

    I don't like the light


    This channel is slowly becoming an asmr channel

  8. Alves Daniel

    T'ES (ultimate fan is detected)

  9. Abu Ubaidah Melaccan Mifdhal Mohammad

    waw man.You have got 7 million subscriber less then a year because you do other than just Call of Duty.Great job.

  10. Óscar Rene Guerra Pereira

    Que hace con las demas playstation 4?

  11. Daniel

    Getting a metal slime to join your party though…

  12. A very creative name

    Why Is he Wearing gloves like he's on A Heist Or something …

  13. Jon Scears

    I really enjoyed when u walked around the city please do more! I can never go there nice to see different places thanks! 🙌👍

  14. JhersyMRAR

    Regala algo pee :'v

  15. Dave Smith

    Of course the only Special Edition PlayStation 4 I would be interested in and buy in a heartbeat,but it never was released in America 🙁

  16. zaske 2018


  17. Nicholas Kuczek

    Why u put the right infront of the game disc slot now you can’t use disc omega lol

  18. Da mandem

    Y doesn’t he speak

  19. randomguy 31

    is he finnish or german

  20. Amirrul Mahfar

    Watch this and feel better

  21. QLXVP

    I’m relaxed af

  22. _Stayforce_

    i like you're Videos so hard 🌟👌

  23. Друг [][]7


  24. Finntschèsteur

    Team xbox

  25. jt playz

    I swear dose he wanna be a asmr YouTuber?

  26. Den

    Wt you doing so more consol?

  27. Yakir

    So basically you showed us a gray ps4 with a slime on it..

  28. Spidr Gams

    I'm From Iraq

  29. Oton Gabriel

    7:30 I tried to take the code 😂

  30. Oton Gabriel

    Bolsonaro 17

  31. Oton Gabriel

    What a beauty consol

  32. Dávid Zsolt

    playstation 4 fans here.

  33. Joskah

    when are they going to release console based on fortnite :/?

  34. M89557

    lol i actually thought the ps4 would be out of metal slime cough

  35. Wayne Teo

    I prefer suzaku edition …😉

  36. FPG_ Furkan

    are you from japan ore thit you go to japan for that ps4 slime

  37. Norsu Mies

    Ootko sä joku miljonääri

  38. ¡Yojhanby94 !

    De q nacionalidad eres??

  39. AkhilH47

    Next video…
    Hand Unboxing.

  40. maziarkd

    That is one ugly PS4 though!

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