PUBG Xbox Settings and Sensitivity Update | Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds


  1. Alonso Ramos

    I think this game is too dark on xbox one x

  2. David Davidson

    Set it to your spec. The character barley turns. X1 the scope didn't even move.

    This game is really starting to fuck me off.

    Last game I had the drop on someone. Opened up on him very close range, he runs to door, turns round, runs back at me and then opens fire and kills me. Like how in the hell!? He was unsure my dot at all times, and I saw blood coming from him from hits.

    Game before, dropped in, another guy next to me, we both picked up shotguns. I put two shots in to him, he reloads and shoots me and kills me with one shot…

    This game litrelly makes no sense whatsoever

  3. MrBabybull42

    I'm willing to pay real money for the real secret to the settings for this game on xbox indox me

  4. Quinton Deschamps

    Great video thanks man.

  5. Jeff Sherrill

    As a person who uses the Elite controller i bind the RB button to one of my paddles for the soft aim. It lets me play with a basic FPS setting to seamlessly between games.

  6. scondy1

    Are you using the standard XBOX One controller?

  7. Sabotage

    I hope they add a higher sensitivity settings, so I can shit on kids

  8. Ihor Bats

    Hey there,
    I'm following you for quite some time and really like videos, the reason I started to follow you, is because of similar video where you showed your settings.
    I hoped it help me to play PUBG on XBox but it did't, I'm PC player.
    Is it possible that you record videos where you will actually show your hands with controller? So people that are looking for improvements can actually see how hard/fast do you actually move your fingers? I know it might sound strange, but just setting settings doesn't help. I know reflexes require some time but looks like I'm too old to develop them 🙂

  9. marine v14

    This update ruined my gameplay What the heck happened? Ive spent two nights trying to fix my potato aim and cannot. Wtf did they do , i was wrecking b4. Such crap. U know the game is dying when only one youtuber still keeps doin videos like this smh .. thanks tho bro

  10. rabiddoggy1

    Thanks average! Appreciate it man!

  11. Alex Segura

    Can you do a weapons guide for the current Pubg on Xbox please? With attachments and what not

  12. hugoonex ok

    I always play y inverted …..every game …..

  13. Killing Sun

    Thx mah dude

  14. Im a pug

    Type B ftw

  15. BongToke419

    So basically you have default settings lol

  16. Ali Khazaali

    Worst settings man

  17. Mottive MB

    Will You ever go FPP on Xbox? Why? or Why not? Love the vids by the way, very helpful!

  18. Jake Embry

    My settings reset EVERYTIME I get on the game and sometimes after every match, is there a fix or does anyone else have these issues ??:0

  19. T kash

    I play on 10 10 10 10 why don't people wanna be faster. When cars drive by how are you going to shoot the driver. What about up close and ur adsing and they walk faster than ur scope moves. 😂 what about when you gotta turn around real fast. I want them to implement higher sensitivities the game moves to slow

  20. Steven Nagy

    Dude than you making this vid, since trying your settings gg major up in kills, went from barely getting 2 to getting 6+.

  21. SlickDangler10

    I’ve used to have my sensitivity for my scopes and red dots at 5 but since they introduced Miramar I’ve put everything to 10 and it’s way better. Definitely improved my snap to aim without it being too quick

  22. hebs

    i put my general sensitivity on max cuz imma god at pubg

  23. Uno 707

    1hp and a dream! Lol

  24. Am Pe

    Man fuck my life this game is still shitty as hell. The new map takes forever to load any buildings whatsoever and I've never lagged more in my life. The people in charge of this game are lazy and PATHETIC, sorry but this is just ridiculous at this point in the year…oh btw just looked it up. By now pubg has made close to a billion dollars by now and quite possible more. So why the fuck is it not even close to finished?? Tell me that. Lol

  25. DeterminedToGetit

    So basically it’s on default?

  26. Nightboon

    Mines a lot different

  27. CHAFF13

    Game crashes a couple of times a session, also in squad menu at least one member of the squad will need to back back out to the title screen to be able to join. This happens every game.

  28. oscar leon

    finally!! average

  29. Kski

    You guys are retarded if you think having a new map is a good thing. WE DONT NEED ANOTHER BROKEN MAP. Fix the game first and then release content. What’s the point of having Miramar in a test server for 2 weeks if it’s still broken when released? BLUEHOLE is fucking up.

  30. THE ONE

    that guy at the end is so bad. he should have owned you when he peaked two times. then he runs out in the open?, hits you first, and fails fir the rest of the magazine

  31. Vizr

    All preference and how mest up each person's controller is. I still feel that it's to slow on max. (AA [OFF] or on 1 is fine. Anything above just screw you over.)

    Your will be hell for me.

  32. William S

    tapping left trigger to get stuck down sight? no thanks

  33. ric01dak

    I have PUBG on the original Xbox one. My game feels good and rarely gets laggy. It crashes maybe once a month. I don't understand how you guys with the Xbox one x crash so much and say the game is so laggy. Maybe I just have low expectations but the game feels good to me. It's much smoother than when I first got it and crashes are rare.

  34. Cisco Carbajal

    Would love to play a few games with you!!
    GT: Loud Ninja Yo

  35. Josh Johnson

    There's a 15x on xbox??

  36. [Dyllpyckyll]

    What does deadzone mean I have been wondering for the longest time


    Xbox One X has problems with crashing. Xbox One OG has problems with crashing. I play on Xbox One S…never crashed lol

  38. JaviBallout

    Thanks for the update man i been waiting on this lol

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