S.O.N – Official Gameplay Trailer #4 | PS4

On December 11th you will experience an epic psychological horror game set in modern day. You play as Robert Alderson in search of his missing son Jay who went missing deep in the Pennsylvania forest, better known as South Of Nowhere. In a world where fear takes control over everyone and your past is never erased. What fears and demons will you face to get back your loved ones?


Rated Mature: Violence and blood



  1. Walther Carrillo


  2. fx Gamer

    That walking. No human is that slow.

  3. RRM 972

    How many guys though that was an Atreus DLC ?

  4. Brutus Beefcake


  5. Gunnar Brunstig

    He was walking so fast that I couldn't fall asleep 😂

  6. jake G

    Think I'll skip this 1

  7. patient469 t


  8. Mattchew UK

    1:45 straight black line under whatever it is like a cardboard cutout.

  9. Rogue Drone

    This is a great game if you have a surgery scheduled for the following day.

  10. Deji sho

    S.o.n = N.o.n (north of nothing)

  11. Son Fable

    Agony DLC looks nice.

  12. MusicIs l0v

    The cheesy name already tells me what kinda game I'm gonna be playing. Walking simulators are over. I don't wanna pick up a bunch of paper with Netflix grade stories on them, I wanna run for my life, hide in fear, be at the edge of almost puking and be paranoid at the random sounds i hear at night.

  13. Blooded Arisen


  14. JAS491989SILVA

    so when is this available for pre-order; not showing up on ps store under S.O.N or south of nowhere?

  15. Xander's Game

    Not really "gameplay"

  16. Paolo Monroy

    Has that P.T. vibe to it

  17. Alvaro Gonzalez

    I mean I guess

  18. Steven Leo

    Pan's Labyrinth the game?

  19. John Noak

    Blairwitch project THE GAME!!

  20. Antonio Nava


  21. Gummi Bear

    If that was a teaser to a horror game, can someone mark the scary parts cause I think I missed em

  22. Dulack Play

    I thought it was GOW dlc

  23. Star 575

    Everything was born from P.T of Hideo Kojima

  24. Flatulence The Unending

    So they turned that tech demo into a game eh?

  25. alfredo no se

    wea mala

  26. PapoShow

    The Notorious Connor McForest.

  27. Udit Shroff

    Alrite us this gonna be an exclusive too ?

  28. Clarence Dass

    Wow. This trailer reached such awesome levels of meh.

  29. Joe Puhel


  30. alex charles

    The graphics looks great but nah if its not 3rd person , I’m out …

  31. Artist rus

    нихрена не понял

  32. PerrySport

    …of Sam

  33. stonerdemon

    Another day, another walking simulator.

  34. ramiro del99

    Soy el único que habla español

  35. emily konvaitis

    If it was in 3rd person pov I'd be interested.

  36. Linyoshi Belle

    This is no game for a Boiiii.

  37. 태선우TaeSunWoo

    Does this game take place in New York, son?

  38. Shahi Nawaz Sardar


  39. Alicia Lemus

    Vídeos chapin

  40. Living Thug

    Just like FOREST

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