The Conjuring House Part 12 | Horror Game | PC Gameplay Walkthrough

The Capricorn key leads us to what seems to be another basement, but there’s something sinister down there…

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The Conjuring House is a psychological driven horror game that puts players in a constant state of anxiety that crescendos into raw panic and terror. The game takes place in a decaying manor with demonic entities and strong ties to the occult. You will encounter grotesque creatures, who will take your life at any moment. Your only goal — survive.

In The Conjuring House, players will enter the game exploring a seemingly abandoned house that is consumed with demonic activity. Players are sent to the Atkinson House to investigate unusual happenings surrounding the death of the owner. Upon entering the house, players discover that they are unable to leave and are haunted by an incessant demonic woman who stalks them with murderous intent. Demonic artifacts must be destroyed in order to survive. Players must be hyper-aware of every move, twist and turn, as the woman is always lurking. The Conjuring House fully immerses players in an environment filled with anxiety, panic, and real consequences that scar.

Key Features:

Psychological Horror Game
The Conjuring House is a horror game featuring a demonic woman who is tracking your every move, ready to strike! Destroy artifacts to escape, but watch your back, as the nightmare becomes more desperate the closer you get to liberation.

Prepare to Panic
The main enemy is a demonic woman, not tied to any specific location or timing, leaving a constant sense of impending danger… and the opportunity for you to jump out of your seat at any given moment!

Free Exploration
Explore The Conjuring House in a non-linear progression style, with multiple paths through the house. Quests can be approached in a different order from one player to another, providing a unique and different gameplay experience each time.

Eerie Atmosphere
The game utilizes environmental tools, such as detailed visuals, perfectly timed audio, and a Gothic setting to convey and promote fear and panic in the player. Players will find many moments where their eyes will play tricks on them, causing them to think there’s a creature lurking at the end of the hall when in fact it’s just a side table stacked with items.

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  1. bee pot

    This is becoming an i-spy book in first person videogame format.

  2. Arion Noble

    Thank you for VAGINA GOAT . Those things are rare.

  3. i am king

    This game was made by rym games an Arabic studio and developers and its there first game

  4. Anas Al dabbagh

    When would you make new video

  5. Amy geddon

    please keep the webcam on all the time. we want to see your reactions when they happen

  6. Where the hell am I

    Sir speculation

  7. dragoness615

    I had to catch up on all your videos from the past 5-6 days, because I got married over the weekend; and they didn’t disappoint. My husband and I have been hooked on your play-through of this game. This is probably one of my favorites of all your let’s plays, very entertaining!

  8. MJ Jose

    Of course there HAS to be a mannequin chapter! Also, this is quite the lengthy game; well worth the money. Plus the fact that you are enjoying it helps!

  9. boram kim

    Not so sure about the game but i sure do love watching your playthroughs!

  10. Tammie Vawter

    mysterious room with the mysterious door requiring the mysterious key…sounds like a Halloween bedtime story for a child…teehee

  11. Sam Caledonia

    This is a great series and I enjoy watching your videos so much. Keep up the patience and curiosity when it comes to games like that! Because that is what most of us love about your walkthroughs.
    Greetings from Germany! 🙂

  12. Raj Badmash

    I'm enjoying video I'm betting next video

  13. Laura Waterfield

    You are so good with your mental map. Very impressed. I'm a good gamer but I would be so lost without a map. The mannequins are creepy. Enjoying these playthroughs.

  14. mary contrary

    Daddy, play with me. Do you want to play with me daddy? …. Oooh, I didn't like that, fucking scary, 😢😂😬😩😵😵😵😲😲😲😲😲

  15. MoDzAudio Electronics

    You find the Crypt key in the dream sequence.

  16. Jacqueline Ala

    Fyi : Automatonophobia can be loosely defined as the fear of wax figures, humanoid robots, audio-animatronics, or other figures designed to represent humans, ect. Only rarely does the fear become a full-blown phobia, but it is relatively common to experience hesitation or nervousness when confronting these figures.
    Automatonophobia is often thought to be related to maskaphobia, or fear of masks. Pediophobia, or fear of dolls, is also a subset of automatonophobia.

    This video really got me super scared!!! *shivers*👻☠💀

  17. Sam Harms

    This is definitely plagiarizing weeping angels

  18. Aniket Gupta

    Hi cju I love ur videos very much keep it up 🙌🙌🙌

  19. Linh Linh

    My body n my heart were shaking watching this part, i hate dolls n mannequins n damn this game got both 😂😂 anyway, i love ur play as always

  20. Ebun Cole

    you forgot to go back and investigate that red glowing door before the ghost woman appeared the first time down in the basement. its a super important door, and I'm positive there is a note on the ground in front of it as well!

  21. Draxis Stormshadow

    Reminds me of the weeping Angels from Dr Who

  22. The Trailhead Homestead

    Two words: weeping angels.

  23. Name And Address Supplied

    LOL…..Still finding it hard to say conjuring instead of cunjuring…

  24. Alexander Willow

    I will say this every time U post a mannequin video. I HATE MANNEQUINS!! *shudders*.

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