Wait WHAT? Now SWITCH Got 11 Upcoming FPS Games!


  1. SwitchPlanet

    Top 12 NEW Upcoming RPG Games On Nintendo Switch (2018 & 2019)

  2. Micha Krabs

    Most of Switch Games are totally shit. Just Pokemon and Zelda are the reason why the Switch will survive. Sure other games too but not games like in this video.

  3. Terd Cutter

    Hollow 2 will be another slow as shit turd sandwich who funds this garbage

  4. さすけ


  5. Mòrag 23


  6. Ashab Plop

    Soooo Much shit games man omg. Switch cost more than ps4 and ps4 have better grapich and som Much better games then fakings mobile games for kids.

  7. Hon Man Hui

    I want Zelda remake and mario maker deluxe😢

  8. Igor Blagus

    All this games – Doom will be much cheaper on IOS/Android. At least give us some Gamecube/Wii/Wii U ports at the full retail price, Nintendo. Even that would be better than nothing.

  9. Forest Dave Sanchez

    I hope farcry will be ported

  10. Martin Christensen

    Not all of these games are FPS games, some of them are FPP games (First Person Perspective) 😊

  11. LeagueOfFox

    That cool still sucks that the switch can’t save all game memory unless you pay for membership and even with that if you lose/canceled it you lose all your i cloud memory

  12. H1ro •

    Waiting for the inazuma announcement

  13. Blooper •

    Pikmin 4.

  14. ji


  15. John Mecca

    Some of these are Mobile games like Shadowgun.

  16. Robert Willson

    That intro beat slap hard i immediately subbed

  17. khaleel dye

    When we gone get some real games

  18. ola ola

    Why only android games?

  19. Вячеслав Николаев

    Hello donate

  20. Sean Kennedy


  21. Panzai .Joe

    Advance war saga

  22. Panzai .Joe

    Need dementium on swotxh

  23. Maze 7-9

    the big red overlay with the text cut out blocking everything isn't annoying at all.

  24. Enrique Zuñiga Santoyo

    How I wish they ported Devil's Third to Switch.

  25. Jose Manzanares

    Not so happy about these Mobile games coming, but whatever I guess, Rico looks promising

  26. Fenrir Fire

    First thing I would do with new Doom is mod that little wussy shotgun blast.

  27. Ed Si

    Modern kombat 5 really? Hahahhahaaha

  28. Slappiz

    Firewatch on Switch!

    If the price is reasonable I'll definitely pick it up for a replay, one of the best games of 2016.

  29. xRLIWAx GT

    so now gameloft has the license now good actually it's better

  30. tjperry92

    A lot of mobile ports, but tbh I would play the shit out of Shadowgun Legends on the Switch, perfect for it.

  31. Steffen Fesser

    Das nervigste intro das es überhaupt gibt

  32. Chau Hien

    Hey what about Outlast? XD Great i need to buy one now

  33. hourlychange

    So mobile games?

  34. C-Red

    doom eternal and the original doom is still $60 hahahaha.

  35. Caped Baldy

    Shadow legends will be a welcomed edition.

  36. Joloxsa Xenax

    Finally some good fucking games

  37. ufo.from.space.

    Wait what and there all fucking trash?

  38. Steven Vega

    I’m so disappointed on the switch. Ps4 just blows is out of the water. I’m considering getting rid of my switch. I barely even touch it. Only reason I haven’t sold it is cause I’m waiting for smash

  39. daniel lopez

    Sadly switch needs call of duty, battlefield, destiny and more FPS that are the games that sell for that king of gamers.i play from Mario to final fantasy to megaman ect but there are gamers that just play FPS. It really need them to gain more people jump to the switch.

  40. CenterCore

    FPS First Person Shooter… not First Person whatever you though S stands for.
    Several game in there aren't FPS.
    at least two of them arent even first person.

    This video was very low effort, at least make it right.

  41. White Knight 5

    But we are already playing Switch games at 11 fps..😁

  42. Shane Duckworth

    Why can't we have kingdom hearts 3? Ac? Cod? Wtf bitch ass system

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