We are Witnessing Xbox Transform into a Service Right Before Our Eyes…This Scares me

Microsoft just announced Project xcloud. This is Xbox’s game streaming service that will allow gamers to access Xbox One games on any device anwhere at anytime. This sounds good at first but as a traditional console gamer I just don’t want this and I don’t care about it. Xbox is reassuring gamers that this is just another option but to me it seems like the biggest transition from Xbox as a home console to a service that makes the Xbox One console even less appealing.





  1. ll MBG ll

    I know that not everyone will share the same opinion as me but I grew up with traditional console gaming and to see how serious Xbox is on cloud streaming concerns me. I dont really have any interest in game streaming, I just want a nice piece of hardware with awesome exclusives. As of right now it only seems like Xbox is offering the great hardware, games that many don't consider exclusive, and they are focusing more and more on becoming a service. I was harsh in this video but I have to be honest. In Microsoft's effort to make xbox appeal to everyone on the planet they are making is less appealing to me as a hardcore gamer.

  2. Form4li7y

    I'm late to this video because i didn't get a notification so probably no one will see this but here I go anyway…

    If you think Xbox can't exist without a traditional console you are deluding yourself. Too many people gave them the benefit of the doubt for too long and kept feeding them that monthly gold charge AND THEN game pass on top of it. If more people had dropped them at the start of this gen they wouldn't have been able to do this. As it is they have the money to do it and they know enough people will let them get away with whatever they want. This is the endgame that many of us knew was coming at the launch of Xbox one.

  3. Earthly Tag

    Sony will copy and join this as well eventually.

  4. Keith Williams

    Uh what's PSNow then? Xbox is just joining the streaming game to get their content wherever they want to.

  5. Robert Wraith

    One less moaning whiny bitch on Xbox

  6. Dontavonne Johnson

    I fear change…….

  7. ChiBoy -C

    So does one still need a console? Wouldn’t Xbox be losing most of their money if this is the route they take…

  8. Ademous

    This is a brilliant move for Microsoft! I’m in love with the idea

  9. mjolnir112

    Not interested in this streaming bs. Could be I’m just an old fart though 😃.

  10. The Dodgeball Dude

    Nigga you can suck ma Ass!

  11. Johnny Wellman

    It's Box is not the piece of plastic under your TV xbox is the platform it does not matter how you play xbox whether it be through the console Or the phone or the PC it's all xbox

  12. Johnny Wellman

    This is awesome news now xbox players will have their own switch device we can play Forza horizon on the go that is awesome he got a handed to xbox they are really kicking a**

  13. Johnny Wellman

    Sony cannot compete with Microsoft or Google when it comes to the cloud Google and Microsoft will dominate the future of gaming

  14. Ice Surfer

    This is a real Flat Earth Hornet's Nest right here

  15. Ice Surfer

    The future is here

  16. Hell March

    Welcome to the future.

  17. jzero3 gaming

    Microsoft end game is to get out of hardware space. Colin moriarty and puertorock said it best. Ms is in it for the money…they lost money for 2 generations and took a step backwards this gen as far as marketshare. Its why their budget was reduced and projects was cancelled. Spencers plan to profitability is to sell software and capture the casual/non gamers. He recognize that console is overhead cost and isnt appealing to non gamers that dont want to spend the money for a dedicated machine to play games. Pcs,mobiles, tv are devices a lot more ppl pwn so not only can they save money by not producing hardware and rnd cost and manufacturing price and not getting market penetration in japan…they can offer a service thru subscriptiom or software sales quadruples their profit. Thats how he got nadela to approve the higher budget. Software/service is where the profits are at. Puertorock pointed out that they did it to zune…i agree with him on that. Everyone should be worried cuz you cant leave sony without competition. And dont say ninty…they ran from their competition after gamecube

  18. Larseus

    Sorry if I come off blunt here, just saying from what I think this video is pointing out.

    Honestly what I am hearing from this video and comments are non Xbox gamers (no fans)… In this video MBG states "I heard multiple times Phil Spencer say console games are not going away" but then follows up to say it hurts him because traditional gaming will not be the same. What exactly are trying to get at here? Physical games? That's really the only difference here but the outcome is still the same… I buy all my games digitally so I can care less about physical, all you need is the controller right? It's the same concept…. What exactly are you trying to get at in this video with you being scared? I am just asking because it seems like you are a bias gamer maybe PS4 or Nintendo and just has beef with Microsoft and trying to make them look bad for their future vision only because in your mind it's ruining console games? I am not really sure how it would to be honest, I think you need to take your blinders off and think about it more overall. I grew up in the 80s, I am was too a traditional gamer but not anymore, I adapted and evolved. In the end it's still the same result, you get to play the game. =)

  19. Larseus

    I think everyone needs to settle down with the drastic thought that Microsoft is going to get rid of the console market… Even in the announcement video for XCloud, they stated it's another form of gamers and audience and possibilities. Not everyone is a console gamer, so they want more audience which makes sense… I am a console gamer, I am a PC gamer, I am a GAMER!!!!! So to me this is another way I can game, just have an open minded thought on this..

  20. Larseus

    That title is too funny, it scares you? Why does it scare you, it's too soon to say, but I don't think this is going to completely change everything in gaming. Don't think so drastically is all I am saying. =)

  21. Barend Combrink

    I like the idea of having a Netflix-like subscription service where I can log in and play anywhere if my internet is fast enough. I think part of the reason why I like the idea is because consoles have become quite expensive where I live and I have not been able to purchase any of the current gen systems.

    I do, however, understand why the idea would bother some people, because there are other things about the gaming industry that instill the same uneasy feeling in me.

    I don't think traditional consoles will disappear quickly, though, because too many places still don't have fast internet. I think by the time enough people have access to fast internet the idea of gaming as a service will feel normal.

  22. Adam Morrell

    I will find a new hobby if we go cloud and streaming service nonsence 💩
    Console & physical copies is my future!

  23. badmanbiff

    This is not another option this is them totally replacing Xbox sure they’ll be some dire streaming console to log into welcome back to OUYA

  24. Eye See You 👁

    Meh, I really just wanna play 4K Halo Infinity on my 4K TV. Though it would be cool to play on my laptop when I’m in my bedroom but then again, I’d prefer if they focused on exclusives and the console itself rather than trying to be a hundred different things.

  25. LEKAlla

    If they reach all those 2 billion smartphone casual gamers and tablet housewifes soon you will see Halo (or all games) being developed touch screen in mind not gaming controller or mouse and keyboard. That scares me the most.

  26. Valan

    Also make a video about MS maybe buying Obsidian

  27. Valan

    Cloud gaming players will rank in the billions. It is the future starting next year.

  28. guy good

    That thumbnail reminded me of remote play on android


    Oh my I am definitely going to pass on the next Xbox WOW!!!

  30. CountryGentlman

    Can we stop with the drama? If you want the power of a console, it will be. Xcloud is MS's way of getting into mobile. What's bad about having your digital library with you regardless of where you are?

  31. when wemeet

    This is just dumb they are giving up and it is a business decision if Sony goes back to no subscription to online gaming and has a much better online servers then can hurt these plans

  32. Kevin J

    Internet for this type of infostructure is not ready for the masses. Most country do not have decent ISP let alone large data caps, It is more intensive then movies or music. Brilliant idea but it will flourish or ready for the next 10 – 20 years.

    Games will go to the cloud, but will take considerably longer to phase out in comparison to music and movies.

    Microsoft just put your money into actual games not backward compatibility or cloud gaming, make games again. Make Halo Great Again.

  33. Michael So

    Why buy an Xbox if you can stream from a tablet, phone or PC. Microsoft has lost their minds!

  34. Danny Pistilli

    Even more reason for me to never buy xbox again

  35. xbox has no games lol xbox sucks ass

    PC is the way of the future because were all sick of paying internet and xbox live or psn

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