WWE 2K19 My Career Mode ENDING Gameplay Walkthrough Part 11 [1080p HD 60FPS Xbox One] No Commentary

WWE 2K19 My Career Mode ENDING. WWE 2K19 My Career Mode Walkthrough Part 1 and until the last part will include the full WWE 2K19 My Career Mode Gameplay on Xbox One. This WWE 2K19 My Career Mode Gameplay is recorded in 1080p HD on the Xbox One and will include the full Campaign


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WWE 2K19’s MyCAREER mode is back and better than ever. The main focus this year is providing a dramatic storyline with plot twists, surprises, and impactful player decisions offering a dramatic shift from previous entries. Over 200 cutscenes tell the story of your MyPLAYER character “Buzz” as he navigates a thrilling journey from the bottom to the top of sports entertainment.For the first time ever in MyCAREER, players will start in the indie scene. You’ll face young upstarts in grungy rings and do anything you can to get noticed by NXT Head Coach Matt Bloom.

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  1. Ryutaros Lair

    how do use boost in my carerr

  2. Slasher407

    Nice Walkthrough MK

  3. Michael Gray

    I’m sorry but to anyone who’s saying this career story mode was too short either has no life and constantly plays the game or simply haven’t played it, this was easily the longest story/career mode of any Wwe game and I couldn’t wait to see what happened next, got the game Friday and just finished the story today, so far this is the only 2k career mode that I’ve even finished, all the others got boring after an hour which is why they felt longer. And yes I have finished the likes of hctp and svr 2006 and can confirm this is still a longer story than those games. Proof you can’t please everyone I guess. Easily the best Wwe game in years

  4. External Shockwav3

    I played it myself and I thoroughly enjoyed this Career mode the last time I played it was in 2K15

  5. Gary Farrell

    I havent got the game yet but that’s it for my player mode it is a big let down

  6. XlifesXtoughX

    Lol I've watched all of this and denk ops is still uploading so slow

  7. Allowishes blaze

    Triple h. Is. A. Coward
    Becuze. ITS. 3. Guys.
    To. 1. Becuze. Hes. Afraid. To. Get. His.
    But. Beat 🤓 by. Allowishes. Blaze

  8. Level 29

    WTF is wrong with 2K and character names? Buzz, Barrett Blade, Pres, Freq (frequency) and now AI?

  9. killer UB

    Its the end

  10. AtheistGunGamer22077

    11:03 how pathetic.

  11. London Barber

    Will they let you have managers in WWE 2k19 my career


    why 2k19 have better storylines than the real wwe storyline?

  13. sokratyn

    I think they should add the wwe 2k17 career mode format when you are done with the career, to be honest 2k17 was pretty decent even if you can’t make your own storyline

  14. arsenworld 123

    The way ur caw is dressed during the fast lane match promo angers me lol

  15. Lennox Coleman

    Bullet Club Buzzkillers vs Evolution now that match was awesome but the AJ Styles vs Buzz at Wrestlemania for the Universal title was absolutely "GLORIOUS"!

  16. John Rios

    aj is cashing in his money in a bank contract

  17. John Rios

    who’s gonna be buzz’s opponent at wrestlemania?

  18. John Rios

    the end is near

  19. primepm

    I like how they incorporated the Bullet Club into this story without expressly calling them the Bullet Club for legal reasons. Way to cover your asses!

  20. eric tate

    How long is the story mode

  21. Gaming Wolf

    I'm I the only one who thought The Shield would come instead of Aj and Finn

  22. Muhammad Azlan

    Are You Kidding. So Fast To End The Game. Even Standard Edition Not Release Yet.

  23. Ray Byrne

    Can u export character to universe?

  24. DevilCanSaveYou

    I beat it last night! It was pretty good! Short tho only 14 chapters

  25. Seth Emhs

    He should have faced trips in wrestlemania

  26. RIK0CH3T

    Can i make rivalries and challenge for titles after the story or no ?

  27. Finn Balor

    I like Finn Balor

  28. The Fallen King

    The story wasn;t that great but i did enjoy it thanks

  29. Young Savage lll

    Anyone else wish shawn Michaels came outta retirment to help buzz make dx an shut up triple h

  30. Crank Sinatra

    Is mycareer mandatory to unlock everything cuz I kinda wanna hop into universe mode

  31. Luis Angel

    Aj styles pulled seth rollins he sold out

  32. Tevin Sparrow

    I think in 2K20's mycareer we should have more time with our custom belt, a diva girlfriend (They sort of teased that in this mycareer but it never amounted to everything) more heel/face options, and most importantly, a longer story.

  33. Luis Angel

    Buzz finn and aj new bullet club

  34. Tha Unf0rg1v3n

    So by the end of it all your overall rating is just in the low 60s, sorry for the ignorance but how do you raise your overall after the story mode ends?

  35. Rin Morningstar

    And That You Finished WWE Carreer Mode, Go Do The Assassins Creed Odssey True Ending.

  36. Marcus Ferranco

    Aww Finn is one of the rivals. He is my favorite. But it is fine cause he is awesome as a heel

  37. TJ_PLAYZ

    Anybody else who hass wwe have black borders around there tv screen while playing the game

  38. Tom Williams Productions

    Barron looks like a scaled up Hornswoggle

  39. Tom Williams Productions

    So if you dont forgive barron I'm guessing Cole is in your corner

    Nice touch that they put barron back in that brain burning shade of green from.his old gear

  40. Lamont Curry

    How many chapters was it

  41. Ronwell Nagales

    Thank you but what I don't like about this MyCareer mode is I don't want to defend the world championship. I want to win the Royal Rumble and challenge the champion so that I could main event WrestleMania and win to become new champion. It's just me though.


    (guys like if u agree, no comments plz) Dude before 2k20 say next july or september u should continue this just like a normal career gor like 12 eps before 2k20 comes out so after ppl get done with story in 2k20 we can compare differences of the 2 after main story is over

  43. Paul Jordan dela Peña

    Hornswoggle is the manager in the last match? He's all grownup..

  44. Azazel Gaming

    So where is the WWE Hall of Fame? Or having a match with Undertaker? Or Lesnar maybe…….

  45. Farel Okza

    Noob man noob

  46. Larry Moore

    What happens if you go to raw first?

  47. Domenico Longobardi

    THIS Storyline🔥

  48. Ghost Prodical5000

    I didn’t know Barron Blade was actually a real Character in the My Career series since 2k15 he’s so old

  49. Uri uchiha

    Same bullshit over and over again

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