Xbox Fires Back at Google Game Streaming

Xbox unveils their Xbox Cloud streaming service called Project XCloud. This service will allow you to stream your entire Xbox library to any device that supports the internet and required application. This service seems to be their answer to Google’s Chrome streaming game device, and will likely be a big challengers on the field. And with rumblings that Amazon may enter the fray, the next gaming battleground has been set. Can Microsoft pull it off? We’ll have to wait and see.



  1. MrRighteousfish

    Streaming doesnt really appeal to people like myself. I have a career, other hobbies and a family. When I leave the house I'm driving to a destination. When I get to said destination I perform a task. I only have time to game when I'm home and I do it on my couch in front of the television. This may appeal to those who take public transportation, being chauffeured or gaming is their main hobby. When I'm at the doctors office I'm not gaming. I'm reading news, science article, hitting on nurses etc etc. I will always be a traditional console gamer. It's just what I enjoy. There is a market for this no but I doubt the consoles will ever become obsolete for many factors I won't dive into.

    This may be successful but MS going into a market that already has competitors. Will mobile gamers adopt this or is this for already existing Xbox players? Now Google is stepping into the ring so this will be interesting. With net neutrality being dissolved internet providers will try to capitalize on this so that's a factor too.

    Elon Musk makes a good point about becoming to involved in tech like social media. Im not against streaming or gaming as a whole but I am against it being so involved in our society…I'm gonna end it there lol great video brother.

  2. campos3452

    This Cloud stuff is going to flop. If I where PlayStation I would wait it out.

  3. C D MAC 5

    I don't see any negatives with this announcement. If they release a subpar console because their focus was on streaming, then I'll jump on the hate train. As of now, it's a great feature and I'm excited to test it out.

  4. Kenta Wilsn

    Cant fucking wait bro!

  5. Dick Deepinsideher

    Just one step forward to the DRM future.

  6. MM2K

    Nethilez your full of sh– . I'm only liking this video b/c it's full of facts. Not due to the sky is falling doom and gloom that we should all feel about this tech, right…. because it's cool👀 #BBB LIKE SUB AND ROC THEM BELLS FOR MY BOY 👍

  7. ArsenicSteel00

    Don’t make guarantees about tech. New tech isn’t guaranteed to work or succeed.
    If I have a physical copy of Halo 5 then how am I going to stream it to my phone? Do remember that physical and digital copies are treated differently on the console. Movies tend to give you access to the physical and digital copy the gaming market has kept the two completely separate.

    I don’t see how “it just works” for people with physical games yet. MS hasn’t properly explained the how the service will work with existing libraries or anything beyond “We’ve figured out some stuff”. You youtubers sure do love filling in the blanks with unbridled optimism instead of waiting for the real facts.

  8. Mario Sanon

    Hit the like button yall and subscribe pleaze

  9. Pixel Bit G

    You get it

  10. The Haven

    Great video man. I found out about you from Dealer sharing your video here on Twitter. Subscribed to you.

  11. Mario Sanon

    The only thing that will probably be dull is the fact some key features that both pc and console will be missing for the phones like local play or split screen in which I'm stupid enough to play split screen(even it's possible) on a small ass screen.

  12. Dirt Griggity

    This video is full of facts!!! Great video Nethilez. Its 2018 and sometimes people forget that. As a 42 year old man, I have seen technology evolve over the years and it's great. I love the convenience of the current technology and I fully embrace it.

  13. Mario Sanon

    Also this for the people who possess great connection unlimited date plan devices, this is not for all unless you like playing your games on choppy connections then you will be straight.

  14. Mario Sanon

    But at the sametime I think your gonna need a xbox for this to work like how they stream the games to pc. So the games that are install in the xbox will probably act like a back up for the games you can play on your phone/tablet.

  15. Di Almighty Spartan God

    Soooo uh what’s the point of Game Pass???

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