All 18 New Switch Games RELEASE For Week 2 October 2018 | Nintendo News


  1. SwitchPlanet

    14 MASSIVE Switch games ANNOUNCED in September 2018

  2. Ali Abbas

    Shove it up yoo ass

  3. Foot369

    Boom ball was a surprise, that looks cool

  4. Anthony Carter

    I'm down For child of light.
    Wish ppl would stop complaining about Switch's indie lineup. Just go play something else.

  5. Hunagy

    Kk de mini juegos de móvil, a ver cuándo sacan algún "juego".

  6. Dub Conscious

    New sidescrollers yayyyy…..

  7. Noir Merde

    Tbh they look crap.

  8. Alexander Black

    Is Killia and the other ones from D5 bonus content for D1 Complete?

  9. Operator 35

    Such trash games. Why did I buy a switch again?

  10. mohaqi kiki

    please subtitel indonesia .

  11. pablo escandon

    Ez likes for anyone who puts time stamps

  12. luis g

    Too many indiecrap

  13. Blossom

    these games look really boring

  14. Omar AlAwadi

    Kingdom hearts plz

  15. prime 1

    Chasm looks really good I don't know why there so many haters on Indies people put time and money into these some are good some are bad. Quit being a little babies about it buy another system

  16. pedro caldas

    What is the name of the music of the end of the video

  17. paul13nov

    God that was awful. All indie crap, pixel sidescrollers, and mobile games. I'm pretty sure the thumbnail pissed some people off too, no timestamps, and terrible intro music.
    Oh yeh, forgot to mention old ass games being ported.

  18. Damion Snodgrass

    Not one of these games interest me into buying them a lot of shit is all it is

  19. Jennifer Cushman

    Child Of Light is the only Switch game I am getting this week. And I can’t wait to get it.

  20. Love guitar Love guitar

    What a waist of everybody’s time, Nintendo needs to clear out the swamp! We don’t need this crap on switch.


    More trash can titles. Thanks Nintendo! for nothing.

  22. Pablo Pacheco

    love the system but most of the games are trash

  23. Ahmed Falahy

    Kairosoft games getting released to Switch

  24. sonofanubis30

    mark of the ninja is a must buy, trust me… one of the best indies.dont be ignorant…

  25. Marco Polo

    Chasm? Can they just rerelease castlevania games please

  26. Ricky Cain

    Child of light only looks good to me

  27. Peyton

    Oh cool, Kairosoft’s games are coming to switch? I hope they do well so they develop more for it.

  28. Rango TheTango

    No time stamps so we'll be forced to watch the whole thing

  29. Xouki Long

    chasm – symphony of the night, for me

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