Xbox To Purchase Fallout New Vegas Developer Obsidian Entertainment

★ A new report indicates that Microsoft is nearing a purchase of Fallout New Vegas developer Obsidian Entertainment! ★
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  1. LegacyKillaHD

    Next generation is going to be very interesting…some great moves done by Xbox this year.

    My Live coverage here:
    If you haven't already join the discussion on Discord:


    New Vegas remastered

  3. Subi_fan

    Another studio bites the dust.

  4. Ethan Bird

    Oh yeah you played god of war for 15 hrs and beat it?
    How cute. Is still playing Sea of Thieves at 400+ hours

  5. LostMercenary99

    Microsoft is playing smart here. That's another studio they've now got to invest in the next generation console.

  6. st33n


  7. Gabriel Hernandez

    Is Xbox digging themselves out of their grave?

  8. SaltDweller

    None of the people that worked on FNV are with Obsidian anymore…

  9. cillian smith

    As an Xbox fan, I LOVE this

  10. Marc-André Martin Gagnon

    I'm 3 hours in Kotor 2… this game is phenomenal.

  11. evedael

    Hopefully with next-gen Xbox can start making quality first-party titles, this will force the other companies to step up their game and not get complacent when they have to deal with competition.

  12. outlaw0987654321

    No surpise microsoft is buying them. They're obviously trying to lock down studios to get a netter line up of games particularly in the rpg adventure and action genre. Ms always tries to diversify its line up but imo they never got enough for people who like a wider variety of games to bother. Where as ps has a nice collection of rpgs, action, adventure, racing and others in its line up. This was a problem for ms ever since the middle part of the 360 cycle.

  13. hellomikie92

    I really don't care honestly. I own an Xbox One, a pc, and a PlayStation 4. So if they ever make any good games again, it won't be a loss.

  14. Matthew Galloway

    And just like that all hopes of a fallout game that isn't shit and a remake of the KOTORS are dead.

  15. TheLucianoDavid

    Wasn't the New Vegas writer working in the new Dying Light game?

  16. dragonhold4

    CEO, managers and those corporate types are parasites and are the worst thing to happen to gaming.

  17. Jaizensama Sosek’e

    I commend Microsoft for this, I hope they give their developers time to create something great, otherwise it still won’t be a competition.

  18. Accelerator

    Is this tru? There is still hope?

  19. Alex Altamirano

    Why nobody remembers what happens to the studios Microsoft acquire? They bought rare, and fuck them up, they bought Mojang, and fuckem up, what do you think they are gonna do with obsidian?

  20. ZenIceHero

    SHIT i wanted to buy/play Pillars of Eternity 2 on the PS4!

  21. CDKing


  22. Vault x

    Most peeps left obsidian

  23. Maria Pagan

    No! this musn't happen!
    Microsoft is cancer like EA,look how they have RUINED Gears Of War and how they ran Lionhead Studios to the ground until they finally killed them a few years back,Obsidian should stay indrpendent!

  24. Jacoby Rassilon

    Yay, a video that is NOT focused on RDR2…..

  25. Yeah well,that's just, like, your opinion, man

    Obsidian joined Bungie, Rare (a hat trick for xbox), Bioware and Ubisoft in the Shadow of their Former Selves Club years ago.

  26. Meme Head

    “The game was rigged from the start”.

  27. Marlowe Vera Cruz

    even they buy it, they will still get destroyed by guerilla games!!!

  28. Gabriel Alejandro Pandiella Rodriguez


  29. Eustace Bagge

    Alright so does that mean KOTOR 3 confirmed?

  30. Jamal McClain

    Finally I hear something good from these people. The free market needs to get pushing again so we get tons more badass games

  31. Pinkamena Pie

    Finally we can hope again to get a good fallout game. Not thst shitty garbage that Bethesda produces. I hope so much of a New Vegas 2. Fuck Greedesda.

  32. Cross

    The Xbox team is completely different from the idiots that caused the Xbox 1 to fail…phil Spencer is a good dude and I can't wait to see the next gen under his leadership

  33. Cross

    Dude new Vegas was Soo memorable….fucking boon was the best. Stick of truth….fucking alpha protocol was a fucking mess but I loved it….kotor2….hell they even had employees that worked on vampire the masquerade bloodlines

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