Minecraft Xbox One Survival Lets Play – Episode 73: LIVE

Minecraft Survival Lets Play – Episode 73 LIVE

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Xbox Live Gamertag: Absentduck1
Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/Absentduck/
Twitch: http://en-gb.twitch.tv/absentduck
My Discord: https://discord.gg/mnnDr3B

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Minecraft Xbox One Survival World Tour:

My Minecraft Xbox One Survival Seed:
Seed: -4339972303897715414

World Size: Large
Biome Scale: Small
Find Balanced Seed: Ticked


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  1. MattedManx

    Hey, I stumbled upon your channel by accident.. I love your world! You really seem to know what you're doing! I have a massive survival world of my own, but it's nothing compared to yours. Idk if you play online or not, but I'd love to hop on your world and play it with you. My Xbox Gamertag is: MattedManx

  2. The Name is Gai, Jasta Gai

    Dammit, missed the stream

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