No Man’s Sky NEXT | HUGE New Update / Coming To XBOX!

WELCOME. I’m overwhelmed…

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  1. R O B O T B O Y


  2. Ramon Santana

    I don't get it why so much secrecy. Just release the changes already, these developers keep doing that to hype the game up and end up on disappointment as usual

  3. Fordkent

    It's gonna blow all our minds, I know it. I can't wait πŸ™‚

  4. AEGIS

    Actuall mutiplayer…..

  5. The Solo

    It's probably Multiplayer

  6. Orbit TV

    popping in to say ur videos are really well made . good shit

  7. L Plays Gaming

    So much excitement for this whole situation and everything it means for us and the future of NMS! 😁

  8. Simon West

    It's pretty cool that Hello games have decided that they won't be the butt of the joke… Whenever a game is released that doesn't deliver on its promise and everyone calls it "No Man's (blank)" It's good that they seem commited to that not being their legacy. I guess this next update needs to be something special

  9. wozza59

    I'm on Xbox and I'm so looking forward to getting NMS.. πŸ™‚

  10. Mick Hyde

    I it would be really nice if they upgraded the game to look like the original trailer. When ever I see that I think, "what is this game?" It's not the one we received. They must have coded it!!
    Be nice also if they added cross platform support for at least PC & Xbox. They must be able to do this, it's all Microsoft.

  11. Gabriel Orritt

    C H O O C H O O M O T H E R F U C K E R

  12. Mac Foraday

    The awesome thing is they don't NEED paid DLC or microtransactions to stay solvent. A Buy-to-Play model is working for them, and they are about to double the number of platforms the game is available on. They are going to have plenty of money to keep doing free updates which in turn get them even more sales.

  13. nateraid21

    I've been playing since ver1.0, I can't wait to see this new metamorphisis…

  14. Syntax 04

    When next comes out lots of the gaming channels with 100k to 1million are going to make lots of videos and get millions of views and then facts channels are going to start making videos like 'secret things you didn't know about nms', but they don't actually know anything about nms, hopefully the original nms youtubers don't get left in the uncharted backwaters of youtube.

  15. Mark Dickerson

    I'm kind of excited to add xbone gamers to an already amazing community. This is going to be fun..

  16. Johnathan Wells

    Kinda dissapointed we gotta wait till summer. But at least we got something.
    I hope the wait is worth it.

  17. Azure-O

    Is it coming today or not??

  18. PotterPlayz 7

    #SayHello worked anyone?


  19. The Unknown

    Genuinely wasn’t expecting this. Summer update again. So it’s JOON all over again πŸ˜‚

  20. ChaosContrl

    Maybe they made cross-platform multiplayer a thing…

  21. Dayne Green

    can't wait!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚ so hyped

  22. Daniel Hipley

    Google windows next

  23. Orange Builder

    The NEXT update is almost like a big Christmas present, except I have no idea what's inside.

  24. Jamie Wilkinson

    has the community covered the possibility of being able to built anything across the entire surface of the a home-planet?

  25. Orange Builder

    It makes me really happy to see Hello Games trying to really sell their game for the first time in over a year. I really hope they continue to be more open to communication.

  26. Terry

    Possibly the update will hit us full force on the 2nd anniversary? I don't think anyone would mind at this stage. Earliest the update will drop would be mid-June unless everything clicks and works well on HG's end. So waiting an extra couple of months until mid-August wouldn't be all that bad considering it's been ages since 1.3 popped out. Sure, there's xbox, multiplayer improvements.. couldn't care less about that stuff personally but it's nice to broaden the player base. Can't go wrong with that. The HUGELY boner-inducing part of what has been said is "Next has a lot we're going to surprise people with". Surprises… this is going to have me thinking for a long time. Perhaps this could allude to the amount of content that will come with the update, therefore shocking us. Maybe there will be new content that has rarely been mentioned (if at all) by others on their wishlists. Both? The intrigue is overwhelming.

    Going to be wearing a tissue in my boxers tonight since there's a guaranteed wet dream happening. BRING IT.


    All travelers jump in your ship and come to the XBox x version trust me….I hate we gotta wait longer tho

  28. shawn byers

    That was quick!

  29. Light Right

    I kindda scared , they not ganna leave ps4 version behind , right?
    this update will come to ps4 too,right?

  30. PotterPlayz 7


    I haven't been playing No Man's Sky very often since January, just because I have some other games I'm playing while I wait. But I have came back to it occasionally, and I love it. Can't wait for this update to blow all other games away (hopefully!). My favorite part of this game is definitely the community though; even though I haven't gone to the Galactic Hub or anything, I love to see people online. They're the best!

  31. FAST AND B U L B O U S


  32. Ethan Dudash

    #NEXT this community is genuinely the best. CHOO CHOO

  33. ChaosContrl

    If they said expect more during the week-end, I presume we might get some screenshots and the likes, or more info on the update. Sweet!

  34. Myrm Ants

    No matter how big the update is, or how much content it brings, you will stil get bitter people bitching about its poor initial release. I can't wait for this new upcoming update.

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