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  1. Mr.Ronbow

    Ah, the glorious steam sales

  2. Juan Correa

    Battlefield 1 is $5 on Origin guys.

  3. Joseph Freisinger

    Once again red Dead redemption 2 isn't coming to PC it's a console only game

  4. drmsprakhar

    When does csgo will get discount ?

  5. Nasser Harbi

    Game cross guy?

  6. Stunnershades _

    Shit sale.

  7. Yeeshu Srivastava

    Leaked? 29 Oct 2018 IST 18:10
    No steam sale till now rather than some discounts.

  8. CeeCee

    is csgo getting a discount

  9. EmersonEX

    If Resi 7 is 10 bucks I'mma buy it so fast

  10. Xeno Bardock

    Time to buy as many games you can, on Steam for Linux.

  11. Robo Space Kitty

    you make the sales sound like total shit. 35 to 30 on a discount ISNT really a discount. Plus is anyone buying these new tomb raider games? there fucking awful. The last real tomb raider was underworld

  12. Heatlok 1

    i bought the bundle for 4.11 gave all the money to Mush…

  13. IR0N360 Ex

    Why do you sound like Geoff from Achievement Hunter?

  14. Dr. Fresh_2k

    I'm ashamed to admit it but I also will most likely be double dipping on RDR 2.

  15. noname vengeance

    hey mush what happened to the news of the flash sales from a while ago are they actually back. i hope so at least

  16. lucabops

    I find it hard to get real excited for steam sales now cuz everything I want I have pretty much

  17. Lord Shaxx, Crucible Handler

    Boi that win 10 isn’t a good deal I got pro for £3 on ebay

  18. Lord Sidius

    Yeah after having to buy a console just to play the first rdr, and getting the pro bundle to make sony pay for the game but sitll having to buy the console again… if they pull that shit I'll just pirate the pc version to use for mods. They won't be getting me to pay for it. I'll just play it online on the sony, got a year of + for 60 off of gmg with a 5% discount code applied to that and the spider-man season pass. which is a surprisingly cheap season pass, for a surprisingly huge looking game that I have set aside on a physical copy of the main game itself and horizon complete for when the bundle gets here since I may as well since I had to buy the machine.

    But anyways, I decided after this and ghosting pc users for years except for a few condescending and insulting diversionary comments from one of the take a number 2 pricks that I will be considering the cost of the ps3 and ps4 plus tax that I paid on both and will pirate from rockshit and take number 2 until the difference is resolved. and if they pull the swindling pc double dip with a sudden port announcement I will pirate from both corporations indefinitely for the foreseeable future even well after their debt is paid in full. I'm through taking shit. I will never forget how they bold-face lied about the "spaghetti code" bullshit about the first rdr since porting to xbone proved it was a lie.

    Even EA never pulled such a dirty scumbag bag of bullshit as to make money from console manufacturers to maneuver us into buying a console just to play one fucking game. I have less distrust and spite toward even EA than I do rockshit and take a number 2. Those corporations are run by literal fucking scumbags. I'll ignore them too when they expect me to consider payment options for their shit moving forward when just a little bit of patience will unlock their shit for free on pc. I am spiteful enough to wait years for the right moment to enjoy getting back at anybody, so it's nothing at all to wait for cracks no matter how long they take when I don't wanna pay for something.and those two corporations have insulted me enough times with their greedy bullshit that even EA hasn't been greedy enough to pull, and at least EA has the balls to insult people directly without lying to us or flat out pretending we don't exist when we ask them about shit. if they can't even respect us with a simple fucking answer, that alone before the years of lies is reason enough to not respect them with a simple payment in exchange for anything any more. even if they don't pull this bait and switch bullshit to scam people into paying for something twice. don't be an enabler buy being a mindless consumer zombie and paying twice for something, especially after being ignored 99% of the time, lied to the few times not flat out ignored, and manipulated . You would be as much if not even more to blame (for making it profitable enough to encourage them) for their scumbag practices if you 'double dip'.

  19. Linnbart

    Can you make a Video on the new HumbleBundle and what Teir is the most worth it?

  20. prashanthgtr

    Bro no more free games ?

  21. Alexandru Timofte

    Ah man Bastion , what a game loved it , great memories , wonder whats the dev team next game will be now if they are still around, i hope they are . We need more games like this , along with Child of Light , Valient Hearts( with i played it too) are some of the best and most beautiful 2d games out there imo , true art and talent. How i want Ubisoft to make more .

  22. Milos Laban

    hey +CultOfMush i have a problem paying for the tier 2 bundle. I tried to pay with paypal but then it asked me to add a credit card. the thing is that i do not have one. I only have a standard bank card that i cannot use since buying a bundle doesn't give me the option to use iDeal. Can you maybe help me out?

  23. Crank crank

    So when is steam winter sale???

  24. Spr.l

    Bought a ps4 for rdr 2 🤣 if it comes to Pc ill mayb buy it like i did with gta 5 , i mean my pc is out dated thats why

  25. Michael Bsh

    The 1 dollars bundle is insane

  26. Gixxer983

    Theres always a sale on HRK GAMES .

  27. DryAssChicken

    This guy says humble bundle 100x a video

  28. BossTwin :D

    See, now I can like your video when it doesn't have 5 mid role ads.

  29. Squid Elvis

    Rdr2 on Pc pls make it happen soon not like gta5 like year and half

  30. Squid Elvis

    Really great bundel

  31. Cameron Britland

    Last year AC orgins dropped to $42 I bought it then so I remember I would expect similar with ac oddessy and hey don't attack batman arkham origins it has the best boss battles of the whole series the deathstroke fight is know to be the best in the whole series.

  32. Politikid

    $1 for 3 AAA games WHAT THE HELL!

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