Become Fully Invisible In Fortnite (New) Fortnite Glitches Season 6 PS4/Xbox one 2018

In this video I am going to show you how to become completely Invisible in Fortnite by using this insane glitch.

This glitch can only be done in playground game mode but it’s working right now after the latest update.

and this glitch is working on all gaming consoles including PC and mobile.

Instructions :-

First turn off the Epic friends option and then go an and get the shadow stone and then as soon as you pick up shadow stone press option and then go left right and respawn and if you do everything correctly you’ll respawn completely Invisible.

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Music in the video :-
Redmoon and Meron – Heavyweight

Video edited by :- Sharefactory PS4

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  1. le piment farcis

    Shiiiit this SUCKKCKKCKC

  2. Elite -

    Is it patched?

  3. ツEL3CTRIC

    Will you get banned

  4. Fortnit pve with Casperly

    Wait a wild Indian Scammer popped up

  5. Rene Gonzalez

    It worked!!!!!!

  6. thunder games

    How do U turn off epic friends option

  7. ImDaPro123

    Bet you wouldn’t help me on ps4


    Glitch still works after latest 6.2.1 update! #trollsquad

  9. FRanDErrXX

    I’ll try


    Ohhhhh so this is how youtubers do this in play ground

  11. ツTunix

    does it still work

  12. U reds 8

    New sub does it still work

  13. Dark Tuzakai

    You just earned a new sub 🙂


  14. Fortnite Forest

    LOL i went into playground and did this and trolled a bunch a kiddies

  15. It’sroblox Kaydenplayz

    Who ever had 1000 ping? I did

  16. Mythical xo- Fortnite Mobile

    Check my vid

  17. Stephen Stuart

    Can you make a glitch for tears

  18. FuSiion ToxiC


  19. Connor Joinson

    Sick that

  20. H1GHGR0UND

    Someone did it to me like 5 mins ago

  21. Mindymay 79

    Works on phone too

  22. Galaxy_ Noob


  23. Game Bro HD

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    Could you then also for that you agree to help me too high to push

  24. Massive Kabel

    took me a lot of tries but it worked for me on pc

  25. Tryhard Timmy Travels To Tilted Towers

    I can't even understand u cuz of your accent

  26. Jr-Assassins-4u

    Doesn’t work

  27. The White Fox

    Great for trolling

  28. Harley Carr123

    You copied my glitch

  29. Flips4 Views

    A guy did that to me in random playground and I had to fight him which was so hard

  30. Jay Jay

    does not work in pc?

  31. Tabitha Van Dessel

    theres a strategy to do it easier in pc. i larned it in a minute lmao bw this has ben outfor 3 days so far ._.

  32. GusBus725437

    Your pathetic bitch

  33. HR. GAMER

    Yeesss men thanks

  34. DaKyllerKitten

    Whyndo you have to turn off the epic thing?

  35. RageM8

    omg, so cool! haha

  36. World Avakin

    Yayy thx

  37. Little Particles

    I works on all platform even on mobile

  38. Mimikyu

    Hahahaha imagine being invisible going next to the enemy then default dancing on them then shooting them in the face xD

  39. Night Xide

    I did a video about that

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