Call of Cthulhu Live! 🎃 Call of Cthulhu on Xbox One Live for Oxbox Hallowstream 🎃

It’s Outside Xbox Hallowstream! Join us for live Call of Cthulhu gameplay on Xbox One with Mike and Andy. There’ll be hot spicy gameplay and cool original chat live for October’s festival of livestreamed spooky games. Why not subscribe and ring the bell for more live horror game action in the weeks to come?

Coming up in the Outside Xbox Hallowstream season: Friday the 13th.

Call of Cthulhu is out now on Xbox One PS4 and PC.

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  1. Random Raymondo

    title sequence 4:30
    Hello 4:40
    Gameplay 6:00

  2. Weebo

    Spontaneous human combustion is real

  3. Sandra Snow-Balvert

    how do I pay again it's not giving me any options that I can see?

  4. Klara Danielsson

    The Rats in the Walls is probably my favourite Lovecraft short story. That, or The Colour Out of Space. The Rats is a lot more visceral and more in your face about it, but the truly creeping cosmic terror or The Colour is so good and so unsettling.
    Anyway, Not-Andy's less-than-stellar detective skills seems in line with most of Lovecraft's investigators. Still, would like to see where this game goes from here.

  5. Oynque

    53:35 Nude mirror punching … the latest OX Christmas challenge!

  6. sahugani

    I'd like to see Andy from oxbox play a horror game with Geoff from achievement hunter. The amount of combined terror would be amazing to watch

  7. Wardenclyffe5by5

    Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn

  8. R Emm

    I can confirm that there is a Saint Brendan and there are even a few primary schools named after him. Though to be honest I learned more about sailors and the ocean from the Pirates of Penzance than my 7 years there. Though we did have a seriously long school song about him, so on balance…nope 'I am the very model of a modern Major-General' and 'With cat-like tread, upon our prey we steal' win every time.

  9. Crayon Sunday

    Did anyone else notice a face pop up at 1:24:48 right when lightning struck?

  10. Intern_Dana

    andy is your dad david farrant, the guy from the highgate vampire case? it'd be weirder if he wasn't

  11. Edward Gurney

    Rats in the Walls is my favourite Lovecraft story too! The only one to genuinely freak me out.

  12. tba113

    GDT has a "life-sized" C'Thulhu model in his house?

    Damn, that house must be colossal.

  13. Vire Noname

    Is the protagonist the same voice as the one from vampyr. I can't quite tell but it sounds somewhat similar.

  14. amezification

    Never choose the lesser of two evils … go straight to Cthulhu. He'll sort us out.

  15. Mimik

    I got so sick of trick-or-treaters on Halloween night that I finally turned off all the lights and pretended I wasn’t home.

    Forget the ships! My lighthouse, my rules!

    Happy Halloween!

  16. Ever The Outcast

    The music at the begining gave me strong John Williams, Home alone/Harry Potter vibes

  17. Caitlin RC

    Remember to only call Cthulhu between 9-6, and press 666 when prompted to.

  18. River Paikan

    Welcome to 2018 where video games look like this.

  19. Adam Kellam

    D&D is great, but finding a group can be hard. I finally got a group started for an online game after about 2 years of trying; my wife and I are the only two out of the six who played before, so I get to play the role of DM. Keep looking

  20. Curtis Goldthorpe

    Im an xbox owner but you Guys are terrible entertainment compared to the offerings of the access Team @PlaystationAccess

  21. Terry9135

    The new episode of Legend of Tomorrow has a woman name Jane who was accused of witchcraft and her teenage daughter Prudence who has connection with a brutal magical creature.
    Either this is a coincidence or you guys have some pretty big fans.

  22. Eleanor Smith

    Difficult looking legal books stand in a formidable row. They mock me. I tried reading one and it made my head hurt. When I closed it it slipped out of my hand. Then my foot hurt too.

  23. Charles Moss

    American football is long? It's 30 minutes shorter than soccer.

  24. Marie Hull

    U should totally do a Chrimbo d&d but medieval it up, like a party gone wrong and u all have to save "Father Christmas" but he has a medieval name but he's still Santa and Merilwen knows his elf posse!

  25. KindredofLegousa

    Hopefully this is game is awesome, because I'd love to buy it. I also was briefly confused when Andy was asking about a car battery. It's weird to think in some countries (or at least cities) public transit is so good/beneficial that you'd never need to drive your car.

  26. CAP198462

    Be careful, Darkwater is crawling with pirates…

  27. DragonAceSg7

    Oh yes, as someone who is at least a good 45% Irish St. Anonthy is often invoked for lost things. Found he was very helpful during my forgetful High School days.

  28. Gunslinger_ Gonzo

    wow i wish i hadn't been eating when i started watching this

  29. John Sansker

    Heh, for those asking where Jane, Luke and Ellen are, Google is you friend. The most direct and fastest flight time from Melbourne AU, back to London,UK is 22 hours and 50 minutes.
    Non-direct flights can take as long as 45 hours.
    There is also no guarantee that they left Australia the next day after PAX ended.
    I've been looking into flights to London from Kansas CIty, the closest major airport, and flight time to London is around 12+ hours. The return flights on the round trip ticket vary from 15 hours to 36 +.
    Hoping I'll be able to go to EGX in April.
    Guess where I'd be after a 12-36 hour airplane flight?
    Realistically, I don't expect to see any of the Australia adventurers before Monday the 5th.

  30. Alpha Mike

    Portaging is when a canoe is carried from one source of water to another

  31. Jennifer Titus

    nude mirror punching? is that like nude mayor punching? did Cthulhu start that trend??

  32. Brent Dreher

    22:50 golden birthday is the one where you turn the age of the day. In this case, Zigmund would be turning 30.

  33. sethneville

    "Why am I covered in fish guts?"
    Ahh, the enduring mysteries of the human condition.

  34. Alpha Mike

    The bolt cutters turn to dust when used once lol

  35. Alejandro Sosa

    I like football and football and soccer and futbol
    Can we just pick one 😆

  36. Alejandro Sosa

    11vs 11
    100 yard field
    You get 4 trys to move ball 10 yards if so then 4 more trys to move 10 yards.
    On 4th try you can either punt , kick fg , or try for a 1st down(try)
    Crossing the end line with ball results in a touchdown and is worth 6 points a FG is 3 points
    After TD the scoring team kicks off from there own 35 yard line
    Basics of course its gets more in depth than that
    Similar to Rugby 🏉🏈🏉🏈

  37. Brock Sisson

    Investing in an espresso machine for 2:30 am livestreams, good idea or bad?

  38. Brent Dreher

    Can't wait to see how lunch gets ruined this time.

  39. Emily Rodriguez

    Anyone know where I can download the music at the beginning and ending of the stream? I would love to have it my ringtone.

  40. Featherbow

    the main character sounds like Anthony Howell, who does the voice of the main character of Vampyr, Jonathon Reid

  41. th3gr8makar0sc 666

    You've already descended into madness

  42. Jonathan Davies

    I've seen that Dagon film. It's really bad. They get the pacing all wrong (spooky hearsay after it's gone full monster movie), and the lock bit (that's pretty good in the book) is just farcical.

  43. Samantha Campbell

    Is that the same voice actor as Johnathon Reid from Vampyr?

  44. Mr. Silver Kryuger


  45. caelreth

    I love me some pen&paper Call of Cthulhu! My most pointless death: so, we found out where the thing’s lair was, and I died. I didn’t get eaten, gored, trampled, or tended, oh no. I didn’t even go mad from seeing something that Man Was Not Meant To Know. No, I accidentally hanged myself trying to abseil down into the cave. (Though everyone else DID get eaten, gored, went mad etc.)
    So! Any amusing COC deaths, OX fans?

  46. LuckyLucyHi

    You need to do a feature on game characters that are also Andy.

  47. Troll Loool

    I'm watching this with my funko pop Cthulhu and my copy of the complete collection of h.p lovecraft book

  48. Ellery J

    Hilltop Household has to be a Hill House reference. (Which was also based on the Winchester mansion)

  49. Pepé 111

    53:35 lol Mike "Oh look! He's got a kind of oily, sort of…"
    Andy "Oh he's got a ghost butt as well!"

  50. Aeron Gray

    i second extended halloween. halloween forever!

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