Heliophobia Part 4 | Indie Horror Game | PC Gameplay Walkthrough

Completing all the theater auditions answers some questions, but gives us many new ones…

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►About the Game –
Your memories seem to be just beyond reach. Grotesque humanoid creatures pursue you at every turn. Crime syndicates and shadowy organizations plot behind closed doors. On top of it all, your mind keeps slipping in to unexplainable waking nightmares. With only your rapidly fading senses about you, what will you discover – before it’s too late?

Sneak, hide, and run from a slew of horrific monsters across a vast nocturnal metropolis. Explore a wide variety of locations while you uncover secrets and piece together fragments of a deep, interwoven story. Navigate sections of a seemingly endless city filled with claustrophobic alleyways, labyrinthine tunnels, and dreary establishments. Segments of nerve-wracking terror are broken up by exploration, puzzle-solving, and world-building sections – providing brief respite from high-anxiety encounters.

Surreal Horror – Monsters and nefarious humans are not the only things to fear. The entire world feels just a few degrees off from “normal”.
Non-Linear Mystery – Segments of the story branch off and unlock in non-chronological order. Any completed section can be returned to for further investigation.
Glitch Senses – Heavy glitch effects serve as both visual flair and a “sixth sense” for nearby dangers. Use them to your advantage, or disable the effects entirely.
Survive On Your Terms – Despite the claustrophobic setting, many levels feature multiple routes or varied solutions to puzzles.
No Cheap Jump Scares – Building atmosphere and dread are central to the overall experience. While some moments may be surprising, none are played just for an empty reaction.
Outside The Comfort Zone – Each challenge is presented with a new setting, format, or set of rules. No two sections should feel exactly the same, leading to a feeling of gnawing unease.

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  1. Alexander Willow

    Really wanting to know the reality of what is happening here.

  2. Laura Waterfield

    Love to see you enjoying a game. It makes the playthroughs that much better. 😊😊😊

  3. Can we hit 1k subs with no vids?

    Please now go into the rooms by order from left to right

  4. Gsgs Gsgs

    I want more man

  5. Alianthia

    Glad that there is more to this, It's such a fun game. Love the weirdness. Aww and the sound of her little feet pattering along…lol thanks !!

  6. Scriptor13

    I'm hoping that the devs wrap this up in some sensible way and, as you said CJU, we

    aren't there yet. Until then, I'm enjoying your enjoyment–and some of the odd sound choices(e.g, clip-clop 🐎 sounds as you run in the basement water area, and crunchy/squooshy leg-breaking sounds ツ ).

  7. Aurora Alchemy

    This is not a spoiler. I have not played this game. I have a guess based on the games context so far…the project is called Gemini. Gemini normally means or stands for twins. It said step 1: find a transient or someone who won’t be missed. Maybe that’s us? It also said “we are one mind” or something like that. I think maybe our mind has merged with JR’s? That’s why there’s notes everywhere? It’s the only way he can communicate with us maybe?

  8. Mwprw

    Im actually enjoying watching you play this game. The first part I was like meh just a mediocre game, but it seems to be quite an interesting game

  9. FPrimusUnicron

    tis game resulted better than expected

  10. BunnyNZ

    I am glad there is more rooms, really enjoying this game. Thanks for the entertainment 🙂

  11. LibraCaeli AuribusEx

    Hi young Chris,
    I apologize for the disappearance of other comments previously posted on your other videos, but we had some problems on our channel.
    I still leave you a big hug from Lisbon.

    Andreyas J

    (Do not worry, there will have been some housework done in the chain, and now I'm the only one with the power to write on the channels of other Youtubers.)

    How the creator of the chain already said since the beginning of the creation of this last (since 2005),

    ° – ° – never forget "stay yourself, even if you are already unique in your genre" do not get caught up in the influence of the words of others! The differences do not exist for the true Humans who respect themselves, and the others. – ° – °

    Stay like you are already, one absolutely perfect gamer.

  12. Iconic Thought

    Yeah, I'm enjoying this as well. Maybe it's just the hope that this will make sense at the end.

  13. Kassel Danger

    I hate watching recent uploads because it means I have to wait for the next one :,) Really enjoying this series.

  14. 1ne2wo 3hree4our

    1:30 gogogogogogogogogogo

  15. April Marie

    Yay for early upload! I was just watching one of your old lets plays till I seen this❤

  16. G. Alonso Murray


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