Heliophobia Part 5 | Indie Horror Game | PC Gameplay Walkthrough

The backstage area has a few more rooms to visit… Or revisit.

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►About the Game –
Your memories seem to be just beyond reach. Grotesque humanoid creatures pursue you at every turn. Crime syndicates and shadowy organizations plot behind closed doors. On top of it all, your mind keeps slipping in to unexplainable waking nightmares. With only your rapidly fading senses about you, what will you discover – before it’s too late?

Sneak, hide, and run from a slew of horrific monsters across a vast nocturnal metropolis. Explore a wide variety of locations while you uncover secrets and piece together fragments of a deep, interwoven story. Navigate sections of a seemingly endless city filled with claustrophobic alleyways, labyrinthine tunnels, and dreary establishments. Segments of nerve-wracking terror are broken up by exploration, puzzle-solving, and world-building sections – providing brief respite from high-anxiety encounters.

Surreal Horror – Monsters and nefarious humans are not the only things to fear. The entire world feels just a few degrees off from “normal”.
Non-Linear Mystery – Segments of the story branch off and unlock in non-chronological order. Any completed section can be returned to for further investigation.
Glitch Senses – Heavy glitch effects serve as both visual flair and a “sixth sense” for nearby dangers. Use them to your advantage, or disable the effects entirely.
Survive On Your Terms – Despite the claustrophobic setting, many levels feature multiple routes or varied solutions to puzzles.
No Cheap Jump Scares – Building atmosphere and dread are central to the overall experience. While some moments may be surprising, none are played just for an empty reaction.
Outside The Comfort Zone – Each challenge is presented with a new setting, format, or set of rules. No two sections should feel exactly the same, leading to a feeling of gnawing unease.

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  1. Alexander Willow

    I’m glad the game isn’t all mini-games.

  2. Laura Waterfield

    Pretty cool section. Liked this episode. Can anyone say Call of Cthulhu game in a day or so. I will most definitely be getting that game.

  3. MmmLentils

    Hi CJU,
    I loved the Dark Fall series you did about a year and a half ago.
    If you ever want to do an "old school" game series like that again, do you think you might consider the old Myst series? The first game in the series is pretty rough, but they get progressively better with each game. Riven, Exile and Revelations are true gems. Classic mystery/puzzle point-and-click with some tense moments and a lovely story. I've suggested it a couple times before. I know it's not for everyone, but I personally love that style of gaming.
    Anyway, love your channel. 🙂

  4. Anurag Raghuwanshi

    It's very long game and at the same time it becomes boaring as it has only one obstacle

  5. Alianthia

    Continuing to be intriguing .. thanks !!

  6. Nika Grant

    Great video. Love the constant uploading. Great commentary 👍🏾

  7. Hina Sama

    I played "the evil within 1" and 8:40 kitchen area reminds me of one of the section in that game

  8. Gsgs Gsgs

    Nice video

  9. Ahmad Hassan

    I just wanna know you
    Your full name
    Special Account of you
    Where u from?.
    About your life
    How many children you have
    How old r u ?
    Where do you live?.
    I just wanna know

  10. Scriptor13

    I'm glad this section is mini-games and not full replays of the first part; and, that the new bits of information you're getting are concise and are clearing up some questions. Hopefully, if there's another section beyond this one it also will drive the story forward.

    Geez, I have to admit to a warm feeling when you closed your eyes as you waited for the enemy to pass in the train segment. You are an endearing man.

  11. Christel Abling

    I'm glad there's more to come 💕 and way far from the ending, thank you Chris 🙂

  12. AlessaLaraNitara

    Gosh, I just finished watching part 4 and… here we go again.

  13. shuvam sengupta

    love your videos man…

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