Red Dead Redemption 2 vs Red Dead Redemption | Direct Comparison

A direct graphical comparison between Red Dead Redemption 2 (2018) and its predecessor, Red Dead Redemption (2010)

Both titles are being played on the XboxOne X platform.

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  1. D E P R E S S I O N ISN’T FUN

    I get you haven’t got to play much but just move south west and you will find rdr1

  2. MaQuGo119

    Is it true there are fucking feminist in this game?

  3. MaQuGo119

    PC Version NEVER EVER

  4. OGnella

    If you haven’t, you should ride your horse into a cliff or tree

  5. Claude Dixon

    What is it with R* making explosions lamer than the games preceding them? First we had Gta 5's explosions downgraded from 4, now this lol

  6. officialfabioj

    is it me or red dead 1 actually has better physics than two. Why didn't they just remastered the first 1 for all consoles and PC then realease 2.

  7. Uber

    I like the video but sometimes I wonder why we compare two games that are 8 years apart 😂. They better have improved within that time hahah

  8. Charlie Wilcox

    if you have the money to buy an RTX card you probably have an xbox or playstation 4

  9. John Sterling

    The map is so lame, I turned that off in Zelda botw and never got any issue pressing start and checking map once in a while like in real life, funny how Sony ponies like realism yet need a gps and map next to them. Such a bad design choice from the devs. also the shooting is weak and boring like any other generic duck and shoot game. It's a movie and you can make a choice and press a button on a GTA5 engine who finally got the best of the PS5 hardware.

  10. TheYorkshireGamer

    you havent completed the game

  11. Sami

    GTA 6 best

  12. TopShagger

    Red dead redemption 2 looks more awesome and the sounds sound way better

  13. Nick930

    Please be considerate in the comments and do not post spoilers. Many people have yet to play the game.

  14. Urban Soul Beats

    Great video

  15. Pier Woodman

    50€ vs 60€

  16. Fuzzy Duo

    Reviewers rave about RDR2's water but I think it's pretty shit. Sure it's animated well but the point of water in games is for you to believe its actually water, I don't, it looks like you are swimming in gel, it's far too gloopy.

  17. Ruby Firefly

    Well done.

  18. Scruffy

    Graphics better, gameplay clunky glitchy

  19. scrr

    john marston is running in the first part like nico bellic in gta4

  20. Sufian Anwar Sh

    Seeing arthur hurts ma soul 💔💔😭😭

  21. MyChemicalDisaster

    Wish this game was working for me.

  22. Soviet Train

    The 'pebbles' are called ballast

  23. Dragon Slayer Ornstein

    Wonder why they toned down the dynamite, if anything they could have made it better by showering the character in a cloud of dirt / stone particles. Looks like a last minute addition to the game sad :(.

  24. TVGAM3R

    Wow this graphic😮 Gta 6 hype

  25. Michael Doyle

    Great video. I love Red Dead 1 and my copy of Red Dead 2 arrives today!! Can't wait to dive in.

  26. Turtle Feets

    I didn’t like the first one, because controlling the horse was terrible. I also didn’t like the missions… too many cowboy missions with catching bulls and horses. I gave up after 2 weeks of trying to ride horses. This game looks amazing but how is it about story, controls and motivation factor?

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