Ben equals his highest kill solo game on Miramar with 14 kills. PUBG Xbox One X Gameplay
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  1. Nut E1

    Tense! Masterclass…

  2. Kris Stangar

    Thanks again for the cheevo Ben. Am I you tube famous now!? 😂🤣

  3. DcPower *

    They should remove the cloud thing. Let it be a true game. Ppl should go find each other n be the last one standing

  4. ColdEqualizer

    I play Xbox pubg but 12 and I hate fortnite

  5. Alan Bergman

    You killed a "LoveHappyhippy"… you're a monster (lol)

  6. Gainz Ville

    Can’t believe you didn’t grab the gillie suit 😳

  7. Orlando Alvarado

    somebody can give me some good setting?

  8. Nicholas Flickinger

    Great work on getting the dub did great

  9. QST666

    Ben can you please make a video about your Xbox One Elite Controller setup and configuration ? How many back paddles do you run and what buttons you have mapped onto them and what in game settings you have (sensitivity etc.)?

  10. Fishing Baskets

    Come play with me I'm crypticsteam502


    Nice game ben looking forward to Mondays stream. Day off.

  12. rob sim

    3rd guy you killed looked like a bot

  13. PD Derek

    I took a break from watching and started it again later and i was waiting a good 30 seconds for the funny bit/music thinking it was the beginning. Youve conditioned me. #pavlovsbeard

  14. mozzie morris

    your eyesight is spot on fair play!!

  15. Omari The People

    Give me a important tip when playing solo about Pubg please

  16. Chelt scene Uk

    Callumbus has his tv on mute cos.hes suppose to be in bed doesnt wanna wake mum and dad 🤣

  17. Malade

    I just wanna know why fortnite is free on Xbox and PUBG isn’t 😭 ~New sub btw~

  18. Julivan Oliveira

    Configurado sensibilidade ?? Plis

  19. Richard Nombrana

    Last guy should of push u after 1st grenade

  20. Adriana Padilla

    What up ben Gg

  21. Blinder_ fortnite


  22. Sevyx _


  23. Rohan Singh

    Aren't you playing red dead redemption 2 nowadays

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