IRON SIGHTS ONLY – 1 v 1! / PUBG Xbox One X

Ben grabs 9 kills doing an ironsight only challenge on Sanhok with a tense finish! PUBG Xbox One X Gameplay
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  1. Nut E1

    Poor @mikestan he keeps getting it! 🤣 Blueeeeee 💙

  2. Charles Hall


  3. Mahinder Singh

    Does pubg supports keyboard and mouse in Xbox one x

  4. Julien S

    GG impressed

  5. forbidden pollo


  6. sparkythommo

    Damn thought u had that gg's man great content as usual!

  7. D-Billz

    he had a stronger gun… no limitations and you probably beat him. gg tho. watching u inspires me to keep playing

  8. D-Billz

    awesome intro kill

  9. David Mayberry

    You should try the bandages only challenge no boosts or med kits or first aids

  10. Roshaan Khalid

    The Beard guys do you use a elite controller?

  11. J Berkey

    Bandages and boosts only.

  12. youaake

    Why uzi? 🙂 nice game tho 🙂

  13. Bertolt B13

    Good effort there Ben mate

  14. Anthony Hackett

    Damn good game

  15. DarkDire Games


  16. Murtadha 911

    Nice pro

  17. Chelt scene Uk

    Even ben potatoes 🤣. Did you kill the second guy too?

  18. Tactics

    GG he should've been crushed under the might of the uzi.

  19. Dough PubG

    I run red dot and holographic sks it’s pretty sick 2-3 shots to kill

  20. Carl Bacchus

    Mannnnnnnn (-_-)

  21. Gary C

    Great last push but u let him switch to his Ak….u hesitated! Could've had him GG. Very nice sks shots

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