Red Dead Redemption 2 Trailers vs Retail Xbox One X Graphics Comparison

Some of you’ve been waiting for this comparison so without further ado let’s take a look on how the game evolved since 2017.
I’ve took scenes from almost all trailers and compared them with the scenes from retail version of the game running on Xbox One X at 1080p display.
Please note that it was impossible to match all scenes 100% since the game has dynamic weather system implemented. However some scenes has predefined conditions like train robbery (ndusk/night), bar fight (rain), etc.
ther than that most of the scenes shown here are as most accurate as possible.
So what do you think, was it downgraded or not?

Source videos:

Music: Twin Musicom: Way Out West – na licencji Creative Commons Attribution (




    Only part of the video where the trailer looks better is the scene where the train is slowing down

  2. JPalm27


  3. Riccardo Celio

    All improved in the retail version except for the train scene, look at those smoking effects

  4. Falch

    From the trailer to the retail it was 10+ years in the game😂👌🏿✌🏿

  5. O 5o Sobrevivente [Rafael]

    the game has a dynamic weather, in addition the missions can be done at different times of the day, a trailer mission on a sunny afternoon can be done on a cloudy morning, for example.

  6. SatongiFilms

    they look identical in terms of models and textures. The time of day/weather/clothes are changed in the trailers to not spoil it and to fit the cinematics, this is known. Anybody who says upgrade/downgrade doesnt understand how this shit works on technical and artistic basis.

  7. Sertan Han

    Retail 2018 grafic PS5

  8. lee stansbury

    either looks close to the same or better in retail. Theres only a couple that have some better effects in the 2017version

  9. Đamián R


  10. Cryptic Vibezzz

    In the trailer, they look like characters from Shrek

  11. Azmi Hakam

    Retail has cooler tone

  12. Joshua Minke

    the only real difference is different time of day, rockstar did a good job with this game

  13. Stabby Crabby

    Upgrade 😀 Thats how you make games 😀

  14. Dhanush Arul

    Damn , what a downgrade. Rockstar is no different lol. But it's ok, great game either way.

  15. Axell Bryan

    Honestly, the retail one is better than the trailer. Not like the Spider-Man PS4 one, the trailer is better than the retail. Rockstar did a good improvement.

  16. dr. whet farts

    haha downgrade and fake hdr – fail…

  17. MrSpooky Spare

    wow the retail version actually looks better, this is y i love rockstar

  18. Lai Tung

    The trailer is more effect and light, shadows, but some worse than reality ver. ( my English is bad)

  19. Ngu Tuấn

    I like textures in the trailer. I think retail textures would be Downgraded

  20. srgt bilko

    Trailer looks better warmer hues

  21. Jay Ng junior

    This is Rockstars not Ubisoft. Lol

  22. Justin Lapan

    the only downgrade I seen this game is the trees the grass the bushes the texture is very pixely not to mention the night sky doesn't even Sparkle like the original.


    So far I noticed a few changes one of them is camera angles, different weather and that one line from Arthur in one of the trailers "We got lawmen in 3 different states after us" is not used in a scene but in a dialogue with Dutch in the camp

  24. rogelio alexis perez marinez

    Los colores son más frios en el retail y en el tráiler más calkdos, aparte de que hay más niebla difuminadora, en el minuto 3:47 pasa lo contrario, la piel y cómo se refleja la luz en los objetos luce mejor en el trailer , además de que el tren si le sale fuegor

  25. kenneth sebas

    no cambia nada solo hay q poner la misma hora y la misma ropa y esta igual al trailer

  26. Rigby

    Damn! really nice upgrade

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