Inside Xbox at gamescom 2018 – Easy Allies Reactions

Microsoft has a whole lot to talk about, but seems to be lacking in substance. Thankfully, highlights like Devil May Cry 5 make it worthwhile in the end.
Timestamps in the works
9:42 – Show Starts
13:10 – Hunt: Showdown
21:20 – PUBG
34:40 – Xbox Design Lab Controllers
37:58 – Battlefield V
42:26 – State of Decay 2
47:20 – Sea of Thieves
55:00 – Fallout 76
1:02:30 – PC Steam / Physical Releases
1:03:40 – Ori and the Will of the Wisps
1:04:38 – Metro Exodus
1:09:16 – Life is Strange 2
1:10:42 – Devil May Cry 5
1:20:00 – Sable
1:25:25 – Halo: Fireteam Raven
1:31:25 – Halo: Master Chief Collection
1:34:12 – Game Pass Updates
1:38:10 – DayZ
1:44:19 – The Division 2
1:45:45 – Shadow of the Tomb Raider
1:52:13 – The Dark Pictures Anthology
1:54:20 – Forza Horizon 4
2:05:25 – Post Show

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  1. James Brincefield

    I wish the modern Tomb Raider games would take some cues from La Mulana 1 & 2. I would love to play a big-budget, 3D, pseudo-open-world version of La Mulana. They remind me so much of the classic Tomb Raider games.

    Also, the facial capture for that black girl in the Dark Pictures game or whatever is just godawful. It looks like a PS2 game. I'm genuinely embarrassed for her if her lips actually look like that.

  2. James Brincefield

    They should stop showing us Xbox bundles every two minutes and show us actual games to play. I thought they had arguably the best showing at E3 this year and it made me think they had changed, but this feels like classic, inept, superficial Xbox.

  3. Chariot Goblin


  4. Frumlock

    Hunt is great and brutal. So much gank though . Also if you use in game chat you're at a disadvantage.

  5. Tomáš Berecz

    Great work on the Easy A side on a well lit dumpster fire.

  6. Slizzl

    This is the sort of thing that kills my joy for video games.

  7. duckducksheep

    Pet pieve, can you not say "today we react"? I honestly watch this for commentary and insights more than for "WOAAA HOLY SHIIIIIT" type reactions.

  8. Thiago Vidal

    2:19:24 Im very surpised to hear Ben saying that knowing he is an anime fan. Seems like Blood understood it better. The character animations will not changed based in what the developer is aiming for. It will keep this "stiff" look which mimics 2D animation in which many times is at 24 or even only 12 frames per second. It fits the style just fine.

  9. hghregyerwt rtewtrrqewtqew

    In the pubg section I had to look on the screen if they werent dead or fell asleep (I listen to this while doing other stuff in the house)

  10. AstrayGT

    Wow got some funky camera/mic issues goin' on.

  11. Leanne B.

    2:02:52 you wouldn't download a car!

  12. Jeffrey Murillo

    Damn, they sure love to talk, talk and talk on those presentations.

  13. Peter Pan

    Ben, I can't believe you have a darkness within you!

  14. xandypunk Vieira

    the girl blinking wtf

  15. Wasteland Wizard

    Well done Xbox !

  16. ShionShinigami

    Perhaps I've never seen anything as arrogant as Bethesda and their attitude on Fallout 76…

    And the first hour of the whole show have been: Hunt: Showdown, PUBG, Battlefield V, State of Decay 2, Fallout 76 and Metro Exodus – those games look pretty much all the same, they are all kinda gritty shooters and so typical xboxy.

  17. landon kandon

    Godddam drinking a coke that early in da morning got me fucked up

  18. Bryan Everitt

    “You can have an Xbox in any color you want, as long as it’s black.”
    -Henry Ford, Gamescom 2018

  19. Matt Swanson

    Ben has got to learn not to breathe into the mic. It was so bad

  20. Johnny Wellman

    Gamepass app is a great idea

  21. Dodo Bravo

    Xbox man… This was awkward… DMC V makes me forget the rest honestly

  22. Johnny Wellman

    Looking forward to Forza and PUBG 1.0

  23. Igl85

    well, my dream of them announcing Sunset Overdrive for PC still not happening …. maybe next year 😛

  24. carlos roaquin

    as usual xbox sucks and no reason to own them!!

  25. DrakeKesda

    You know what's random that I appreciate about GamesCom this year? The whole travel/tourism dept feel that Germany has really done a nice job of introducing to the show. I finally feel like a gaming convention is being embraced in an official way. It is a welcome change of positivity from the fake nonsense of E3, where they in the past have pretended to be a high end Hollywood, exclusive event, and recently a staged, soulless string of business press conferences where gaming takes a back seat to the finances.

  26. VGJunky

    Yikes the presentation of this coverage was not good. At least the DMC trailer didn't disappoint

  27. Richard Perez

    Nothing exciting. Extremely underwhelming. Nothing new.

  28. Alan Garcia

    That was rough. I guess my gaming preferences no longer align with Xbox's as I grow older.

  29. Mr. 2006

    Only thing I cared to watch was DMC5 lol. 🤷‍♂️

  30. revi

    holy shit this was boring, only highlight was more DMC5 footage

  31. Doug Kelly

    Thank god I watched lived with these two. Would not have made it through this otherwise

  32. Rayza NC

    Who is the blonde woman? WB

  33. Miguel Rosa

    Bro… Liam's parents don't give a fuck about their kid.

  34. KbM

    Idk why I expected more

  35. Zé Khabir Rodrigues Gaiarsa

    That PUBG section was full of crap. I'm not here for that.

  36. kalenics123

    Good video. I especially liked the 2 hour long sneezig/wheezing. Very enioyable.

  37. PK Starstorm

    Consider my devil trigger pulled.

  38. FEARnoHATE

    that frame rate and animations on sable aint looking too good

  39. Ged Mason

    Sable looks great. Still no reason to buy an Xbox though. I honestly don't know how they are selling consoles this generation. Who is buying them when there's no games?

  40. BrawlEmAll

    This makes me glad that I decided to stop watching everything live. Yikes.

  41. Ron's Pies

    You can use a motorcycle as a weapon. Yes. This is what I want.

  42. BobbyTrizzle

    Nico in DMC5 confirmed @ 1:15:33

  43. CruisinCinnamon

    From what I gathered I should play dmc4 n it’ll be fine for 5. I know going thru the collection would be best(skipping 2 it seems) but there’s so much coming out. In terms of dmc4 I hear it has a lot of backtracking n that kind of a turnoff. Can anyone help?

  44. Jack Tyler

    PC=Bugs => Xbox One X > PC 🙂

  45. z4v3k

    It's unbelievable how much they push women in Battlefield 5 (suppose to be a world war 2 game), they are literally everywhere you look… what a shame could have been a great game.

  46. Mateo

    It was a great Inside Xbox, so many great mid-gen games for my One X. Lots of neat things shown. I dont have concerns for Crackdown 3, many other games coming that week we've seen little of, and Red Dead 2 skipped every presser and just used social media.

  47. kraenk12

    This was incredibly lame. No Crackdown 3 again (cancelled) and the biggest news seems to be PUBG won’t be an exclusive anymore and seems to come to PS4 soon now.

  48. faroff

    Xbox should just be known as a cheap PC, to play crap battle royal games.

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