Pocophone F1 LOL Gameplay/PC Game League of Legends on Android smartphone 2018

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  1. TechUtopia

    INSANE! Can this video get 100 likes ninjas? LOL on Pocophone F1 woooow!!!
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  2. Long menesu

    Finally LOL on Smartphone! <3

  3. a. g.

    Cómo se juega al lol dsd el móvil???

  4. reyes123 danmar

    Nice game!!

  5. Dolly com Biscoito

    Unbeliavable,Unbeliavable….This poco is a monster!

  6. Ant mar

    Stuff like this will kill the market for gaming phones in my opinion. I mean you can do this on any phone. I play games on vortex and gloud

  7. Marvin Nichole Tiongson

    unbelievable , nice video great game well played 🤘

  8. Melo Channel

    Or connected on pc?

  9. Melo Channel

    What application??

  10. Melo Channel

    How to play on mobile from pc?

  11. KERO Moments

    the price is 19k here on lazada 😭
    im dead i have no money

  12. KERO Moments

    dude how did you let this happen 😭
    that phone i dream can play everything
    i will have that someday

  13. MoHaNaD RoSTom

    يا رب اكسبو ❤

  14. Moises Juniior

    How do i do it? Unbelieveble , someone ???????????

  15. Dhanu Ario Putra

    Instead of using joystick, why noy using keyboard and mouse?

  16. Nagasawa

    Go Lineage 2

  17. Rouwhenn Jay Desalesa

    How to download PC Games?

  18. Azoz

    Nice gamepad bro! where can I get it?

  19. Intro Gamer

    عليكم سلام ورحمة الله وبركاته

  20. Isaiah Labadie

    Vortex cloud gaming is a very good app it's in unreleased pretty much beta form but for the price 10$ a month is totally worth it if you love playing fortnight path of exile and LoL and no computer needed to stream just launch the app and play all your favorite pc games just on one app and there's more to come they even have a suggestion for you can even make game request on games they don't yet have in there library

  21. Aww beeh

    if you can play wow on poco phone f1 i swear you ll have plenty of subcribers :p

  22. bilal yahya

    Please try it on honor play

  23. Oghenevwogaga Ohworode

    Are you streaming or playing it natively…. If it natively….. Then android forever

  24. Dehimi Rayane

    Cool video bro but do you need a gamepad

  25. sergio ramos

    Play gamecube on pocophone f1

  26. pritesh attal

    Play some gamecube and wii games on oneplus 6t bro

  27. XDgamingBro -

    Plz play Critical Ops on Ultra graphics in Mi Pad 4 ;D

  28. iron shark gaming

    Test game conflict desert storm 2 dolphin emulator custom build on xiaomi redmi note 5

  29. Cinco A Mano

    The devs should have just ported LoL on mobile with a separate server. AoV is fine but LoL is just so much better of course.

  30. freaky nics

    what can this joystick do? move the mouth😂😂😂

  31. XDgamingBro -

    Do your links have validity? Cuz I'm gonna use the MiPad 4 link to buy it in June 2019

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