Xbox One X vs PS4 Pro: One year later


  1. PandaCynima

    This isnt a comparison. you are literally fanboying the xbox lmao

  2. DrakeO Gaming

    I have the OG ps4 and the Xbox one x but I personally like the PS4 better more games and I like the control better but it’s what u like not me everyone just likes different things…

  3. Doggo

    Ps4 pro came in 2016. Thats 2 years ago

  4. Toast xGaming

    What if they make antman an xbox exclusive game, and what if it was developed by insomniac!?

  5. Karazu X

    Too late for the X.. If you don't have the og xbox one, then go for the X. If you are considering to upgrade, just wait for the next gen console.

  6. Alan Morton

    I like my xbox one but its so lacking in game areas for quality releases

  7. Cliente Promedio


    so many butthurt sony fanboys xD!
    You people have the exclusives we have the power… get over it.
    Pressure sony to innovate just like we pressured Microsoft to improve the console and give us more games

  8. Leigh K

    So what happens when Sony catch up in hardware ? Going to be exciting in the next generation. can only be good for the consumer.

  9. Λ I D Λ N

    Exclusives? Fuck that I play backwards compatible, triple AAA games that are multiplatform, and sure PS4 has more, it doesn't affect me

  10. Muhammad Shamir Danial


  11. STB Atef vlogs

    I hate you I am a ps fan and a neon yellow switch joycon fan fU

  12. Jason Mills

    I have the Xbox One S and it's a fantastic console, Xbox FTW.

  13. Sweet Day

    This not comparison you just talked about xbox one x

  14. Epic Ersal

    2:34 Nintendo did the same thing in 2006 (mii)

  15. Gab Inidal

    Risky on buying the x if their new games maybe heading for the next gen.. if only they released this machine earlier.. i might have got this cheaper for dec.

  16. Joey Mustang

    PS4 Pro Rules!!! The best place to play.

  17. Matt Carter

    The Xbox One X is a brilliant piece of hardware but there's just no point in owning a console with no exclusive games. PS4 (Base model), PC and Switch is enough for me.

  18. nkboss2144

    this thot is sucking microsofts dick he's probably drowning in it

  19. nkboss2144

    every body dislike aswell if you think that mr baldy is a biased duck

  20. FearKV

    Xbox One X has the most powerful specs for a console ever but no exclusives besides Forza while the PS4 Pro has good specs and amazing exclusives, in conclusion, spend $100 less on a PS4 Pro and play amazing games while still having good looking multi-plats.

  21. I am liltripie

    I have the Xbox one S and I love it I’ve never been a PS4 guy

  22. AWDTH1111

    Xbox One X is basically a “locked” mid range PC. At 500 bucks you’re ripping yourself off. Go cheaper or go all out on a beast PC.

  23. Garbage Gang

    I have both.
    Ps4 pro is the better deal
    Way more games, controller doesn’t need batteries, ui is fast and clean, controller is comfortable, games look really nice on it, hdr, and other great things.

    Xbox one X has better resolution not graphics mind you. Fanboys call ps4 pro soup yet we have games that look like sea of thieves ☹️. Controller is comfortable but the analog sticks are really bad. I bought myself control freeks to enjoy my $70 controller. Having to change batteries suck. Ui is fast and snappy. Barely any god exclusives, only one I can think of is sunset overdrive.

    But in the end go to where you’re friends at. But tbh ps4 has too many great exclusives to pass up. I say fuck your friends if they’re in Xbox and play all the great games.

    Slightly higher resolution <<<<<< amazing exclusives

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