XO18 News! BIG Xbox Games Update! PS5 Leak, BIG Xbox One X News, Xbox 2! PubG PS4, Inside Xbox!

LATE Breaking XO18 News! PS5 Leak, Dev Talks Xbox 2! New Xbox Games Update, Pubg on PS4, Xbox One
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    Yo who else is a truck driver unfortunately I dont listen when I drive more at home while I game

  2. ninja14ify

    Nah man if sunset overdrive comes to ps4 I want spider man on Xbox even if I already bought it once I would buy it again just to play it on the x

  3. WulfeMathias

    The thing with the "why people buy an Xbox thing if they have no exclusives to xhox only", is a lot of people don't want the hassles that come with a PC. PC ports of a lot of games are atrocious performance wise. Arkham knight being a prime example, tho they are patched with time. Some PC games are a bit of a pain too when it comes to connecting to a TV, depending on the game. Name of the game is a console is simply more user friendly 😀

  4. Party Fevers

    Any dude who picks the chick in AC odyssey is a soy boy beta cuck

  5. Alex Martinez

    @Dealer is this podcast on Spotify?

  6. The Noir Saiyan

    Great show guys my bounty in red dead redemption 2 is now $1000 in valentine 😎😎

  7. truthx7

    mobile is best place to play pubg.Its at 60 fps with super tight controls

  8. Danzig Hjalmur

    I'm a otr trucker and listen religiously. You guys are great and have interesting shows!!!! Love you guys Colt Randal Thor Dealer Fonz lol you guys Rock SONZofRUSS is my tag


    I was big on owning the disc but after getting a 2nd xbox I'm almost 100% digital because I can buy 1 game & download on 2 xboxs, it's great. Its j asking to play everything coop with my lady

  10. Robert Worth

    I'm looking forward to Inside Xbox.

  11. vrum255

    I feel like it was timing if Spiderman & God of War switch Release Dates I think God of War Sales would of been more than it is Now

  12. Elia Adamo

    Why fucking 1:30 h?!?!??!!!! Do a simple video and stop!

  13. Robert

    Rand!!! Everybody knows Exactly what you do while listening to luca's Podcast!!! 😁

  14. Elite GamingGuru

    Without people misconstrueding…we wouldnt have RELIGION! 😁

  15. Rochelle Clark

    i think pubg as it stands is done …. BUTTT , i can see blue hole taking the learnings from this and applying it to a potential PUBG 2 and blow fortnight and call of duty out the water …. just a feeling

  16. Elite GamingGuru

    Ive not seen any reviews of RD2 on pc 🤔

  17. Elite GamingGuru


  18. Dj Singh

    Cool panel good vid and I'm happy ms dodged bullet of buying PUBG devs lol.

  19. Bud The Cyborg

    I just don't have any faith that Bioware is anything more than another one of EA's corpse puppets.
    The chances are so incredibly slim that Bioware hasn't been totally gutted by now that it would be a miracle if Anthem is anything more than a few cutscenes and a giant MTX grinding arena.

  20. x STiCKFiGA x

    Man salty hates PUBG. Get good bro.

  21. Riper Snorta

    Incorrect 🤭

  22. Riper Snorta

    They should of just put a Diablo 4 screen up at the end to avoid the shitstorm.

  23. john reese

    If people want to play Microsoft exclusives but not play them on a Xbox One these people should build a pc or buy one and use their controller of choice to play the games. It is that simple. All Microsoft Exclusive games can use a controller. So there is no excuse for sony fans to not play these titles. Technically they are not playing on xbox so there souls can stay clean I guess lol. No matter what Microsoft makes money from the Havok physics engine.

  24. Death Grips

    The controls are tight in rdr2 haven’t had one complaint about em lls I don’t get it but to each their own man, I just adapt to controls besides the standard sensitivity the games come set with

    That’s all I adjust

  25. SlinkyM

    colt,the question is,do you feel lucky?,well do ya…

  26. SlinkyM

    i miss nasty girl,in her own little nasty world

  27. SlinkyM

    the big D!!!

  28. Sentiant Scythe

    We need crossplay across everything cloud will enable that

  29. travis sechman

    I don't care about digital sales, because I'm physical only.

  30. Swaggaboa

    Dealer – Gaming

  31. SheepAmongGoats

    Won't play Odessy since I heard it had level scaling. I hate that shit with a passion

  32. dannyjenn scofield

    Love u guys

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