YouTube Coming To Nintendo Switch…This Week?! | Rumor Wave

Today several people have spotted a listing on Nintendo’s own website that shows YouTube coming to the Switch later this week. With Hulu randomly showing up months ago and now YouTube, the question is what other media applications could follow?

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  1. Kaleb Diaz

    Backdoor access to the internet!

  2. arem dvna

    Awesome shirt

  3. AngelDynasty

    We got YouTube about 5 hours ago!~

  4. Ace Italicz


  5. brony simpson

    No Joke! it's November 8 and I actually have YouTube on my switch.

  6. LiveWire

    It is finally available. Better late than never I guess 😀

  7. Circuit Gaming


  8. Dwayne Arroyo

    Still no YouTube

  9. Robert Huttunen

    Omg u where right about youtube. It's out on nintendo switch!

  10. Daniel Mechler

    It's out now, at least in europe. Suddenly showed up among the other games that released today.

  11. 道神恵

    it's the 8th but no youtube

  12. BRW JBL Fan

    YouTube Deluxe

  13. emurkulater

    Hey im from the future… spoiler it doesnt drop on the 8th

    Edit: then it happened lol

  14. Black bolt03

    It's not here…

  15. SEGAmaster AX


  16. Switch&Smash

    Better be true and I hope is free to download

  17. Billy Gil Music

    we now need Netflix

  18. Ursa Majordip

    I'm more than okay with YouTube being on the switch. 🙂

  19. GoldenBoy 900


  20. MythicalMeltan

    No internet browser. With the Internet browser it'll be way more accessible to porn images being downloaded on the switch and possibly be able to access videos of porn and download them too. The 3ds family already has the viewing problem of those type of images on the browser if their are no parental controls, and since some parents are lazy to not put parental controls then that browser turns into a porn downloading tool and nintendo gets whiplash for being able to view such things on a family console.

  21. Pepperoni Productions Plushie Movies

    If they’re lying, then bye bye switch for me.

  22. Alastor Nightheart

    The only reason I have a PS4 is to play the exclusives and actually watch TV, unlike the switch it only has Hulu which its fine but Nintendo thinks very differently about their console, they have potential but they want to be different anyway

  23. Rayon Williams

    Switch needs to step up for the price tag

  24. lord of Ink

    In the year 4876 we have time machine's! The switch compared to the DF console XL is not good! But youtube on switch is real.

    This is CLEARLY fake

  25. Metadr0n13

    Can you use YouTube on your switch if it's hacked? I know Hulu doesn't work

  26. Ukraynalı Dinozor

    Oh thats good one

  27. Shrek got Ligma

    Fuck! I was just about to sell mine! Well… guess i'll wait

  28. Frost Fire87

    So it’s coming to the Switch after all.

  29. Ben Hutchesson

    I hope you can stream on it

  30. Pyromanci

    Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Plex, are the ones i'm waiting for.

  31. alex hamel

    Can we have other theme to choose not just dark or white theme please nintendo !! 🙁 customization !!!

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